E-Learning vs. Classroom Learning – Which One to Choose?

If you had considered getting a higher degree, you must have been swamped by the options you have to study. However, aside from the degree you need, you should consider the method of learning you will pursue. If you are confused between e-learning and classroom learning, then all you need is to go through the following lines.

What are E-Learning and Classroom Learning?
Classroom learning is the method of learning you had to go through during your school days. Basically, it indicates that teachers will deliver lectures and training while you’re physically in the classroom. On the other hand, e-learning only requires that you enroll in a school offering an online degree and then use your computer to access your coursework.
However, online classes also come in different formats. You can choose to take part in a live online class where your instructor and classmates will have to log on at a specific time each day, or you can choose to study on your own by accessing the study materials from the school’s server. In both cases, you will require a reliable computer and an excellent internet connection that won’t fail.
Which Option is the Best for You
If you need some help with choosing which of these options will provide you with the most benefits, then you’ve come to the right place.
Choosing Regular Classroom Education is Best for You if:
• You can afford to not work while you study.
• You are one of the many people who require face-to-face interaction in order to retain the most knowledge from classes.
• You prefer a more systematic approach to education.
However, keep in mind the following disadvantages of classroom education –
• If your college has a large number of students enrolled, chances are that you won’t get the attention you need.
• You will have to pay more because classroom education comes with numerous costs such as those for using the library and the computer lab on-campus.
• You will incur other costs during your educational journey. Some examples of such costs include traveling costs and lunch money.
Choosing E-Learning is Best for You if:
• You can’t afford going to a regular college or university because you have to earn money.
• You are a working professional who can’t take time off from work.
• You believe that family time and ‘me’ time should exist.
• None of the colleges in your state or area offer the degree you want.
As for the disadvantages of e-learning, those are:
• You can’t find out whether an online school has a low teacher to student ratio, which can be a must with some degrees.
• You won’t be able to get involved in as many extracurricular activities as you want. However, many online schools do offer online social clubs and much more which can make students feel as if they are part of the campus.
• Live online classes will require that you take some time from your schedule. Plus, self-paced online courses will require that you do a lot of research to understand your coursework.
So, before you sign up for an undergraduate, graduate or post graduate, weigh your options and decide whether classroom learning or e-learning is the right education style for you.
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