Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University started in 1876 when it was inaugurated by its first president named Daniel Coit Gilman. From the very first day of its foundation, the main goal of the university has been to encourage research and promote individual scholars.

The university supports the philosophy that education and research goes hand in hand. In fact, this is the very university that revolutionized higher education in America giving rise to research systems.

More than 130 years of excellence at Johns Hopkins have elapsed, yet it has kept a great balance in academia and research. The University has a history of producing some eminent scholars and students in the field of engineering, life sciences, humanities, art and literature, business and health studies.
The university also enjoys federal funding for research and development more than any other university. Mentioned below are the nine divisions of the university across Baltimore Washington area.
• Krieger School of Arts and Sciences
• Whiting School of Engineering
• Carey Business School
• School of Education
• School of Medicine
• School of Nursing
• The Peabody Institute
• Bloomberg School of Public Health
• School of Advanced International Studies
The Applied Physics Laboratory division of this John Hopkins University is different from the other nine schools as it is a research based mission of the university and is non-academic.
APL, located between Baltimore and Washington, supports national security and also pursues space science, exploration of the Solar System and other civilian research and development.
The campus buildings of Johns Hopkins University stand tall in Baltimore and Washington D.C.
Johns Hopkins University
From any of the Johns Hopkins campuses, it’s only a thirty minutes drive from the airport. Washington`s Reagan National Airport offers convenient access to the Washington locations via Metrorail, and Dulles International Airport is west of the nation`s capital.
Programs Offered
• Africana Studies (Center for)
• Anthropology
• Archaeology
• Behavioral Biology
• Biology
• Biophysics
• Cellular, Molecular, Developmental Biology and Biophysics
• Chemical Biology
• Chemistry
• Classical Art and Archaeology
• Classics
• Cognitive Science
• Earth and Planetary Sciences
• East Asian Studies
• Economics
• English
• Expository Writing
• Film and Media Studies
• Financial Economics
• French
• German
• History
• History of Art
• History of Science and Technology
• Humanities/Humanistic Studies
• International Studies
• Italian
• Jewish Studies
• Latin American Studies
• Mathematics
• Molecular and Cellular Biology
• Molecular Biophysics
• Museums and Society
• Near Eastern Studies
• Neuroscience
• Philosophy
• Physics and Astronomy
• Political Science
• Portuguese
• Psychological and Brain Sciences
• Public Health Studies
• Romance Languages and Literatures
• Sociology
• Spanish
• Theatre Arts & Studies
• Women, Gender and Sexuality
• Applied Mathematics and Statistics
• Bioengineering Innovation and Design
• Biomedical Engineering
• Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Computer Engineering
• Computer Science
• Electrical and Computer Engineering
• Electrical Engineering
• Engineering for Sustainable Development
• Engineering Management
• Engineering Mechanics
• Entrepreneurship and Management
• Environmental Engineering
• Financial Mathematics
• General Engineering
• Geography
• Geography and Environmental Engineering
• Leadership Education (Center for)
• Materials Science and Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Robotics
• Security Informatics
• ABACUS Undergraduate Certificate
• Biotechnology (MBA/MS)
• Business (BS)
• Business of Medicine Graduate Certificate
• Business of Nursing Graduate Certificate
• Communication (MBA/MA)
• Competitive Intelligence Graduate Certificate
• Finance (MS)
• Financial Management Graduate Certificate
• Global MBA
• Government (MBA/MA)
• Information Systems (MBA/MS)
• Information Systems (MS)
• Investments Graduate Certificate
• Leadership Development Program for Minority Managers Graduate Certificate
• Marketing (MS)
• Medical Services Management (MBA)
• Nursing (MBA/MS)
• Organization Development (MBA)
• Public Health (MBA/MPH)
• Real Estate (MS)
• Leadership Education
• Counseling and Human Services
• Educational Studies
• Public Safety Leadership Program
• School Administration & Leadership
• Social Organization of Schools
• Special Education
• Teacher Development and Leadership
• Teaching
• Technology in Education
Fee structure
The tuition and financial aid for the students vary according to the programs they enroll in.
Financial aid is offered to doctoral, graduate and undergraduate students. Currently around 5, 000 undergraduate students are enrolled in a full time financial aid program.

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