Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) was established in 1861. It is situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is a non-profit, private research institute with an enrollment of around ten thousand students.
The institution is ranked 9th among the two hundred best schools worldwide.
The donation for building a campus in Cambridge came from George Eastman. In 1916, MIT was relocated to its new campus which was designed by William W. Bosworth.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology is governed by a board of trustees. Its endowment and other assets are managed by MIT investment Management Company. The endowment of MIT is around eight billion dollars.
This school was also involved in military research during the Second World War.  After the war, the government continued funding of several military projects.
In 1949, a comprehensive review of the curriculum was undertaken and previously marginalized faculties were given more importance. In 1973, all the classified military research was shifted to Lincoln laboratory facility because of student protests.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology offers bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees. The Institute also offers distance education and study abroad programs.
MIT has a continuous curriculum calendar system and offers fifty majors out of which the most popular Business, Engineering, Computer Science, Biology  and Chemistry.
The ratio of student to faculty at Massachusetts Institute of Technology is 4:1.
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology spans over an area of one hundred and sixty eight acres to the north of Charles River basin. The campus is bisected in half by Massachusetts Avenue.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
The academic buildings are located to the east whereas the dormitories and other facilities are situated to the west.
The nuclear reactor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of the biggest academic based reactors  in America. Despite its presence in a densely populated area and subsequent protests from different sectors, the university has always maintained that it is completely secure.
The campus also has a pressurized wind tunnel and other equipment used in shipping and ocean design. The campus has its own wireless network which covers nine million and four hundred thousand square feet.
On campus part time employment is available which helps students to cover part of their tuition fees.  The Institute also helps students in evaluating career options and finding jobs after graduation.
Main Programs:
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology awards degree in the following fields.
Aerospace and Aeronautical
Communication and Journalism
Computer Science
English and Literature
Foreign Languages
General Studies
Marketing and Advertising
Natural Resources and Environment
Political Science
Retailing and Wholesaling
Sociology and Anthropology
Urban Development


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