The College Majors Quiz Are You Choosing the Right Major for You?

Confusion over choosing a college major is a common occurrence for high school graduates. It is a critical decision that will set you on your path to a career and it is your choice that will determine how successful a life you can lead. Just sit down for a moment and think.


If you jump headlong into a pit, no one can save you. So, it is better to avoid the regret and disappointment that you will experience later on by making your decision rationally and being practical about it. College majors are offered on every topic under the sun, but it is up to the individual to pick out the glove that fits him best.

The college majors quiz is made up of ten questions and has been developed to help you consider the main issues relating to choosing your college major.

Every person has a unique talent given to him by nature. If you realize early what your biggest talent is then you can use it to make it into a career for yourself.

Similarly, you have to find out your biggest shortcoming so that you do not choose a major that you may not be able to complete. It is always best to choose your college major in a field which interests you and holds your attention, so that you may not find learning and studying about it to be a boring task.

The decision of which industry you want to enter into, that is, what kind of job you would like to take up, is very important as well. If you are socially active and your interactive skills are highly developed, then you can take up a career in the services industry, where a great deal of interaction with people is required.

Similarly, if you want to be a handyman, then you should choose from college majors that suit your personality. If you want to be an electrician, do not choose psychology as your college major!

Recognition is important for any work that you do. Slugging out for years and years without getting any notice makes the person feel unimportant and worthless. Therefore, you should choose a field in which you know you can shine and feel important. This can be the activity you have the most fun in doing, be it writing or music.

This is the time to think back and remember what you always wanted to be when you grew up. If you wanted to be a pilot, then now is the time to choose the appropriate college major for yourself.


Otherwise, you will close the door on this aspiration of yours forever. You should go for a major in a field which you like, not what your family or friends think is right for you.

You would know yourself better and it is your life to live, not theirs.

Choosing from hundreds of college majors available to you can leave you dumbfounded. Just do what is mentioned above and you will be able to choose a major which will grant you successful career.

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