The University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania is a private research university and a member of the Ivy League.


It is commonly referred to as UPenn or Penn. The university is situated in Philadelphia.

The University of Pennsylvania is a colonial college and claims to be the first American university. It was established by Benjamin Franklin. Franklin’s main focus was on commerce and public service. It was one of the first colleges to operate multiple faculties within the same establishment.
There are several departments in the University of Pennsylvania along with research facilities and various public service programs.
The university has a dental school, medical school, business and law schools. The research programs of the university spend million of dollars annually and involve thousands of faculties and postdoctoral fellows.
UPenn is one of the founding members of the Association of American universities.
Penn has twelfth ranking in the two hundred best schools worldwide. It offers associates, bachelors, masters, doctoral and first-professional degrees. It also offers postmaster, first-professional and post baccalaureate certificates.
University of Pennsylvania follows a semester-based curriculum calendar system and offers around one hundred and sixty five out of which the most popular are Biology, Accounting and Finance, Medical, Management and Business.
The rate of student retention is ninety eight percent. The ratio of student to faculty is 9:1 and the graduation rate is ninety five percent.
The main campus of the university spans over an area of around two hundred and seventy acres to the west of Philadelphia. All the schools and several of its research facilities are situated in this campus.
Upenn also owns another piece of land with an area of ninety two acres, in northwestern Philadelphia. The New Bolton center – a research center and animal heath centre – covers a span of area which is  over six hundred and eighty seven acres and is situated near Kenneth Square.
The first donation of books to the university was given by Louis Evans in 1750. Nowadays, the university has fifteen libraries with an operating budget of forty eight million dollars. These libraries have close to six million books and four million micro films.
The University of Pennsylvania also has a museum which was established in 1887.
Many of the nearby homes and apartments in the area surrounding the campus are often rented by undergraduate students moving off campus after freshman year, as well as by graduate and professional students.
There are four undergraduate and twelve graduate schools in the university.
On campus housing is available and the dormitory can accommodate around seven thousand students.
On campus part time employment is also available which allows students to cover part of their tuition fees.
Main Programs:
The University of Pennsylvania awards degree in the following fields.
Accounting and Finance
Communication and Journalism
Computer Science
Criminal Justice
Dance and Ballet
English and Literature
Ethnic and Cultural Studies
Film and Acting
Foreign Languages
General Studies
Graphic Design and Animation
Marketing and Advertising
Natural Resources and Environment
Political Science
Retailing and Wholesaling
Social Work
Sociology and Anthropology
Theater and Drama
Theology and Religion
Urban Development

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