United States National Research Council rankings

 The United States National Research Council released a list of doctorate programs on September 2008. The data on which this list was based pertained to the year 2005.


This list was based on regression analysis of various survey results which took into account the reputation of the doctorate program and academics’ rating of key determinants of quality of these programs.

The United States national research council works under the guidance of NAS, NAE, IOM and NRC. All non-profit private institutions, under the charter of US congress, provide advice about science technology and heath policies.
This charter was signed by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863. NRC was established in 1916 under this charter, the National Academy of Engineering in 1964 and the Institute of Medicine in 1970. The National Academics is a collective name of these four organizations.
The main objective of establishing the National research Council was to help the government take decisions about public policies and to enhance public education and understanding, and promotion id science, technology engineering and medicine.
NRC is jointly administered by NAS, NAE and IOM through the governing board. Around six thousand of the world’s top scientists, engineers and professionals work for the National Research Council as volunteers and received no monetary compensation for their time.
The National Research Council does not receive any direct funding from the government of the United States.
Ranking Criteria and Methodology
NRC collects, analyzes and shares data and information. Its portfolio includes:
  • Consensus studies – reports on policy issues and providing recommendations
  • Meetings and workshops – convening meetings and workshops which help in connecting professionals
  • Program and research management – This is done at the request of federal agencies. The NRC evaluates doctorate programs and reviews proposals.
  • Fellowships – The NRC organizes post-doctoral fellowships.
  • Apart from the above, the United States National Research Council also publishes approximately two hundred reports and publications each year. It is world’s biggest provider of free scientific and technological information.
Each decade, The United States National Research Council compiles a report on United States Research –Doctorate programs. The report is compiled by a survey that is conducted by the National Research Council itself.
The data collection for the next report started in 2006 but the report has not been released yet.Critics are saying the whenever the report comes out, its authenticity will be questionable since it will be based on years-old data.
NRC published its study of doctorate programs but the universities in this list were not ranked.
Most people believe that their rankings are the most authentic rankings of doctorate programs in the United States.
But some critics say that their rankings favors those institutions that are more into conducting mainstream research rather than those who do otherwise.

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