Beware! Spot a Fake Scholarship Program a Mile Away

Financial aid is available across all levels of education for students. The popularity of the maxim that education should be accessible to all regardless of race, color, creed or financial status has made sure that there are plenty of options for students to get financial assistance for their education.

A scholarship program is the best way to relieve yourself of the burden of the cost of education.


Education has grown more expensive over the past couple of years. This has resulted in an increasing number of students quitting education and seeking employment. Though this may improve their conditions, without education, they have no long-term employment prospect.

Getting a scholarship through a scholarship program is a good way to complete your education and at least secure your future.

However, this area is also invaded by cyber criminals who are looking to defraud you and rob you of your money. Since millions of people seek a scholarship program, they are vulnerable to cyber crimes. There are some things that can determine whether a scholarship program is real or fake.


A scholarship program is supposed to be giving you the money for your education for free. This is the key aspect to determine whether the scholarship program is authentic. You should be alert that whenever a scholarship provider asks you for money for whatever purpose and on whatever pretext, you should not give it.

Beware of scholarship programs that ask you for cash for the processing fee of your scholarship application. Just make sure you don’t pay any cash to a scholarship program. Ever!

Open For All

No scholarship program can be available for everyone. This is a trap that many people use to entice the students seeking scholarships by mentioning on their website that the scholarship programs are open for all. There must be some criteria to determine the eligibility of the students for that particular scholarship or else there will be so many applicants that it will become impossible to handle them.


This age of television and internet has made the people used to advertisements. But since the scholarship program is not for sale, any scholarship announcement that you feel is looking like an advertisement is best ignored.

A notice for a scholarship program should be to-the-point and relevant without indulging in salesman like phrases.


Don’t even consider applying to a scholarship program that guarantees financial aid for you. Come to think of it, this is the most obvious clue that it is a scam because only if you meet the criteria and are considered for the scholarship will you be given the money.

Otherwise, there is a good chance of rejection as so many people apply for scholarship that it becomes difficult to choose which student to give financial aid to. It is better to keep away from any scholarship program that offers a guarantee.

There are many fake scholarship programs on the internet, but that does not mean that you should not use the internet to look for a scholarship program for yourself. Just be careful!

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