Boston College

Boston College is a private research university in the Chestnut Sill village, Massachusetts.  It comprises of nine schools and colleges Boston College stood thirty firs in the U.S. News and World report university rankings. The Carnegie classification has awarded it a high research university status.

The charter of the Boston College was approved on March 31, 1863 by the commonwealth of Massachusetts thus becoming the second Jesuit academic of higher education in Massachusetts. Initially, Boston College only offers a single 7 year program.
The university has grown exponentially since then.
Boston College is affiliated with the following institutions:
• St. Columbkille Parish
• Lynch School of Education
Boston College offers bachelors, masters, doctoral and first-professional degrees. It also offers postmaster certificate.
This college follows a semester-based curriculum calendar system and offers ninety one majors out of which the most popular are Management, Accounting and Finance, Education, Business and Psychology.
The rate of student retention is ninety five percent. The ration of students to faculty is 10:1. The rate of graduation at Boston College is ninety one percent.
The sports team of the Boston College is known as the Eagles. Its colors are gold and maroon.
The main campus of Boston College – spanning over one hundred and seventy five acres – is situated in Chestnut hill which is six miles to the west of Boston’s downtown. The campus comprise of more than one hundred and twenty buildings.
There are eight research libraries in Boston College that contain more than two million volumes.
Apart from the main campus, the Boston College also has another campus – the Newton Campus – situated one mile west of the main campus. It is used for housing freshmen.
The law school is also found in this campus. Boston College has  a seismology research observatory in Weston and a retreat center in Dover.
On campus housing is available at Boston College. The dormitory can accommodate up to Seven and a half thousand students. On campus part-time employment can also be found which helps students to cover part of their tuition expenses. The college also helps students evaluate career options.
Main Programs:
Boston College offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the following fields:
• Accounting and Finance Majors
• Art Majors
• Biology Majors
• Business Majors
• Chemistry Majors
• Communication and Journalism Majors
• Computer Science Majors
• Economics Majors
• Education Majors
• English and Literature Majors
• Ethnic and Cultural Studies Majors
• Film and Acting Majors
• Foreign Languages Majors
• General Studies Majors
• Geology Majors
• History Majors
• Law Majors
• Management Majors
• Marketing and Advertising Majors
• Mathematics Majors
• Music Majors
• Natural Resources and Environment Majors
• Nursing Majors
• Office and Clerical Services Majors
• Paralegal Majors
• Philosophy Majors
• Physics Majors
• Political Science Majors
• Psychology Majors
• Social Work Majors
• Sociology and Anthropology Majors
• Theater and Drama Majors
• Theology and Religion Majors


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