Brown University

Founded in 1764 prior to the American Revolution, Brown University is a private school of higher learning and a member of the prestigious Ivy League.  Located in Providence, Rhode Island, it is the 3rd oldest university in the New England area and the 7th oldest in the United States.

Brown University is well-known for its beautiful and historic campus.  Many of the buildings on the Brown campus are excellent examples of the Georgian style of American Colonial era architecture.  Brown has also has the distinction of being the first college in the United States to accept students regardless of their religious beliefs or affiliation.

The university offers over 2,000 courses annually in over 40 academic departments.  The graduate school at Brown consists of 48 doctoral programs and 24 master`s programs including degrees in law and medicine.

Brown also houses the oldest school of engineering in the Ivy League as it was established in 1916.  Graduate students have the unique opportunity to work side-by-side with distinguished faculty members who are leaders in their respective fields.

Their library system is the heart of knowledge and history at the university.  It includes 8 libraries with 6.8 million volumes, maps, sheet music, periodicals, and manuscripts and it grows by over 70,000 items annually.

Students looking to further their education at Brown University can expect to find a thriving and diverse campus with students from all 50 states and more than 100 countries around the world.

Lately, it seems that the Brown student body has a lot to smile about.  The 2010 Princeton review named Brown University as the #1 college in America for happy students. 

The wide open and inviting campus is always the scene of something interesting and all students will find a place to fit in with the hundreds of academic and social clubs and organizations at the university.

The university is also leading the way to the future with its “green” campus.  The university is committed to minimizing its use of energy and reducing negative environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions.

Brown University is recognized by the Sustainable Endowments Institute as one of the top 15 “green” campuses in the nation.

They are part of the prestigious Ivy League, competing at the top level of the NCAA in many varsity sports.  The university boasts 37 varsity intercollegiate teams for men and women.

The Brown Women`s Rowing Team has brought home 6 national titles in the last 12 years and the men`s team has finished in the top 5 nationally on a consistent basis.

The Brown football team won a share of the Ivy League title in 2008.  Some of the other sports for men and women popular at Brown include ice hockey, basketball, rugby, sailing, baseball, and lacrosse.

Getting an education at Brown University is not only the educational opportunity of a lifetime, a student can learn how to live and work at peace with the world around them.

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