Bullying The Biggest Problem in Elementary Schools

You send your children to an elementary school to provide them with an education. An elementary school is the provider of primary education which builds the foundation for your child to go into high school and then on to higher learning.


However, bullying has become big a problem at almost every elementary school. Children who are shy because of their appearance or race become the target for constant verbal and sometimes physical abuse by other students.

Though bullying in elementary schools is not a new thing, everything that is being done to eliminate it has proven to be futile.

Parents shudder at the prospect of their child being the subject of constant bullying at school everyday. Educational reports have said that 15 percent of the elementary school students are involved in bullying at elementary schools.

This figure includes both the bullying and the bullied students. This is a dangerous scenario for every child that goes to elementary school. Bullying can have a very adverse effect on the mental state and physical health of the child.

So, who is a bully? A bully is a student who pries open the weakness of any of the students and exposes it to everyone. Bullies usually operate in groups so that there is less chance of any harm falling to them. Not only directly tormenting a student is bullying, the bullies also pick on some students and keep them out of their group.

This is most common in the sports activities where some children are relegated to watching the others play. This creates a very unhealthy environment at the elementary school.

Bullying is a killer for the self-esteem and self-confidence of a child. If he gets used to be constantly abused by others, this could have a profound and life-long effect on his psychology. This is the biggest consequence of bullying for students that can ruin the personality of a child.

Children are supposed to be learning and shaping up their personality in elementary school, not being tormented or teased all the time.

Low attendance is common for students who face bullying in elementary school. The child would try to stay at home rather than going to school because of the bullying he would have to face. This is a great detriment as the child is not able to focus on his studies.

Missing classes regularly means he skips lectures and as a result gets left behind while the rest of the class goes on ahead. Such students are likely to perform poorly or even fail in their tests and examinations.

Bullying has grown to become the biggest problem in elementary schools. With the educational system already under the microscope because of the scathing criticism from education experts and parents, now is the time for the schools to step up and formulate a plan to counter this growing problem.

Leaving it to grow would mean that more and more students would resent and resist going to elementary school and would face the probability of not getting an education.


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