California Institute of Technology

The California Institute of Technology is a private research university situated in Pasadena, California. It is also commonly known as Caltech. Academically, it is divided into six parts and emphasizes on engineering and science.
Its primary campus spans over one hundred and twenty acres to the north-east of Los Angeles downtown.It was established by Amos G. Throop in 1891.
The California Institute of Technology employs around three hundred professional faculty members and enrolls around a thousand undergraduates and twelve hundred graduates.
CalTech is run by a Board of trustees comprising of forty six members. The Board appoints a president or Chief executive.  It is a non- profit corporation.
The provost acts as the chief academic officer. The California Institute of Technology has an endowment of around one and a half billion dollars which is governed by a committee of permanent trustees and an investment office.
This school has six main academic divisions: Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Chemical engineering, Applied Sciences and Geological and planetary.
The university awards bachelors, masters degree, doctoral and first-professional degrees. It also awards postmaster certificates.
The California Institute of Technology has a quarter-based curriculum calendar system and offers one hundred and three majors out of which the most popular are Management, Engineering, Business, Biology and General Studies.
The rate of student retention is ninety eight percent.
The ratio of student to faculty is 3:1.
The rate of graduation at Stanford University is eighty eight percent.
The main campus is situated in Pasadena. Walter and Leonore Annenberg Center for information science and technology and Cahill Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics were later added to the campus.
CalTech is a member of the Association of American universities since 1934.  It is classified as a very high research university and its main activity is in STEM fields. The annual research expenditure of the university is around two hundred and seventy million dollars annually.
The university operates the jet propulsion laboratory via a contract with NASA. JPL spends billions of dollars on research and development. The director of JPL also serves as the vice president of the Caltech and answers to the President of the university.
On campus part-time employment is also available at Stanford University which allows students to cover part of their tuition fees.
On campus housing is also available for students. The dormitory can hold up to eleven thousand students.
Main Programs:
The California Institute of Technology awards degree in the following fields:
  • Aerospace and Aeronautical
  • Astronomy
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Economics
  • Engineering
  • General Studies
  • Geology
  • History
  • Mathematics
  • Medical
  • Natural Resources and Environment
  • Physics
  • Psychology
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