Case Western Reserve University

Case Western Reserve University is situated in Cleveland, Ohio. It was established in 1967 by the Federation of Case Institute of Technology and Western Reserve University.

The undergraduate program of Case Western Reserve University has a nation-wide high ranking.
There are sixteen Nobel Laureates associated with the university. It is also a member of American universities.
The university is situated around five miles east of Cleveland’s downtown and spans over an area of five hundred and fifty acres. It has several medical, educational and cultural institutions.
The U.S. News and world report ranked Case Western Reserve University’s undergraduate program as 41st nation wide. The University is ranked 119th in the list of world’s two hundred best institutions.
Case Western Reserve University offers bachelors, masters, doctoral and first-professional degrees. It also awards post baccalaureate certificates.
Case Western Reserve University follows a semester-based curriculum calendar system.
There are one hundred and ten 110 majors provided by the university out of which the most popular are Medical, Engineering, Biology, Management, and Business.
The Student/faculty ratio at Case Western Reserve University is 7:1.
The University is situated in University circle, around five miles to the east of Cleveland’s downtown. It spans over five hundred and fifty acres of land and contains several medical, educational and cultural institutions.
All the engineering and natural sciences buildings are situated in the Kent H. Smith Quadrangle which is simply known as the Quad. The Weatherhead Management School, the school of law,
Case Western Reserve University
School of Applied social sciences and several other departments are house in the Flora Stone Mather Quadrangle. Moreover, Case Western Reserve University’s main library – the Kevin Smith Library – is also located on this quad.
The North Residential village is located to the northeast of the campus and is home to the university’s freshman who chose to live on campus. It is mandatory for the students of first and second year to live on campus unless they have a relative within forty miles of the institution. Participation in Meal plan is also necessary.
Main Programs
The Case Western Reserve University offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the following fields:
• Accounting and Finance
• Aerospace and Aeronautical
• Art
• Astronomy
• Biology
• Business
• Chemistry
• Computer Science
• Dance and Ballet
• Dental
• Economics
• Education
• Engineering
• English and Literature
• Ethnic and Cultural Studies
• Foreign Languages
• General Studies
• Geology
• History
• Law
• Management
• Mathematics
• Medical
• Medical Assistant
• Music
• Natural Resources and Environment
• Nursing
• Pharmacy
• Philosophy
• Physics
• Political Science
• Psychology
• Social Work
• Sociology and Anthropology
• Theater and Drama
• Theology and Religion
• Urban Development
• Work and Family Studies

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