Cornell University

Founded in the year 1865, Cornell University is the largest private land-grant university in the nation.  It is a member of the elite Ivy League competing in several NCAA sports for men and women and one of the top rated universities in the nation.

Cornell initially was founded to teach and make contributions in every conceivable field of knowledge, from the classics to the sciences in both theory and application.

Today, with more than 4,000 course offered in 70 undergraduate and 93 graduate fields of study, the university has fulfilled that challenge.

Cornell is a unique combination of a private endowed university and a federal land-grant institution of the state of New York.


The university is comprised of 14 different colleges and schools: 

  • The College of Agriculture and Life Science.
  • The College of Architecture, Art and Planning.
  • The College of Arts and Sciences.
  • The College of Engineering.
  • The School of Hotel Administration.
  • The College of Human Ecology.
  • The School of Industrial and Labor Relations.
  • The Faculty of Computing and Information Science.
  • The Graduate School.
  • The Cornell Law School.
  • The Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management.
  • The Weill Cornell Medical College.
  • The College of Veterinary Medicine.
  • The Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences.

Cornell can count over 255,000 living alumni, 28 Rhodes Scholars, and 41 and counting Nobel laureates as being affiliated with the university as faculty or students.

The student body is talented and diverse with all 50 states represented and students from over 122 countries around the world.  Cornell`s distinguished faculty have earned more than their fair share of national and academic honors.

Faculty members have achieved Nobel and Pulitzer Prizes, National Medals of Science, Guggenheims, and other honors making it one of the most distinguished group of educators in the nation.

Cornell University is home to many buildings on the National Registry of Historic Places.  The Andrew Dickson White House which was built in the latter part of the 19th Century is beautifully adorned with a number of stone carvings depicting man`s accomplishments in an effort to spur students on to higher knowledge.

Bailey Hall is the largest auditorium on campus and it is known for its excellent acoustics, making it an ideal place for a live concert and other events.  It was built in 1912 and is a superb example of the Greek Revival architectural design of the era.

The university has a rich and storied history in sports and has many intense rivalries with other Ivy League members.

The Big Red of Cornell has 36 varsity intercollegiate teams competing in sports for men and women.  The name Cornell itself is synonymous with excellence in sports as wide ranging as wrestling, rowing, baseball, football, lacrosse, ice hockey, and basketball.

Famous Cornell alumni include Bill Maher, Ann Coulter, Christopher Reeves, and Ruth Bader Ginsberg.  Making the decision to attend Cornell University opens doors in the present and in the future to great opportunity.

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