Dartmouth College in Hanover

Dartmouth College was established in 1769 as an undergraduate college. Since then, the college has been successful in attaining the intellectual character of a university.

Dartmouth is a private college having affiliation from Ivy League. 

This undergraduate college has 40 departments in total and covers the fields of business, medicine, engineering along with arts and sciences.
Mentioned below are the different schools that come under Dartmouth College:
• Dartmouth Medical School
• School of Arts and Sciences
• Thayer School of Engineering
• The Tuck School of Business
The undergraduate and graduate program of arts and sciences comprises of 40 departments.
Common taken programs are economics, biology, English, Government, engineering sciences and psychological and brain sciences.
Dartmouth also offers around 48 off campus programs and has three professional schools of medicine, Engineering and business. Dartmouth Medical School is the fourth oldest medical school in the country. Its engineering college offers both undergraduate and professional degrees.
Spread over 269 acres, Dartmouth College main campus is situated in Hanover, NH. The campus has a centrally green area with buildings clustered from three sides.
Dartmouth College in Hanover
You can find the academic buildings, residence halls and other administrative buildings in a walking distance from that centrally green area.
The college campus comprises of 9 libraries including the very famous Baker Berry one.
The campus is loaded with many other facilities for its graduate and undergraduate students. Students can have access to Hopkins Centre for Arts and Hood Museum of Arts right within the campus. For athletic or sports activities, separate facilities are provided in South wing.
As for the campus life at Dartmouth, it’s real fun. It offers 34 intercollegiate varsity sports, 24 intramural sports, and some club sports. Sports activities of this measure engage around 3/4th of the total Dartmouth’s populace.
Main Programs:
The Dartmouth College in Hanover awards degree in the following fields.
African and African American Studies
Art History
Asian and Middle Eastern Languages and Literatures
Asian and Middle-Eastern Studies
Biological Sciences
Comparative Literature
Computer Science
Earth Sciences
Engineering Sciences
Environmental Studies
Film and Media Studies
French and Italian
German Studies
Humanities 1 & 2
Institute of Writing and Rhetoric
Jewish Studies
Latin American, Latino and Caribbean Studies
Linguistics and Cognitive Science
Mathematical and Social Sciences
Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Native American Studies
Physics and Astronomy
Psychological and Brain Sciences
Spanish and Portuguese
Studio Art
Women`s and Gender Studies
Fee Structure
Recently, Dartmouth has increased the tuition fee by 4%.
This was the first time in five years that Dartmouth announced an increase in tuition fee. If a student is registering for a year then the total cost will be $39,978.
The new tuition rates apply to all graduate and undergraduate students in different schools of Dartmouth College.

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