Dartmouth College

Founded in 1769 by Congregationalist minister Eleazar Wheelock, Dartmouth College is today a thriving private institute of higher learning and a member of the prestigious Ivy League athletic conference.

The college is located on a rural 269 acre campus in the Upper Valley region of rural New Hampshire near the town of Hanover.  Dartmouth today is one of the leading research and academic institutions in the United States. 

As you would expect with an Ivy League school, the campus is both beautiful and historic.

Located on the scenic Connecticut River and surrounded by the majestic White Mountains, the campus offers some of the most beautiful natural scenery available at any Ivy League school.

Some of the most striking buildings on the Dartmouth College campus include the Hopkins Center for the Arts.  Since its opening in 1962 it has been the center of the college drama, film, studio arts, and music departments.

It also houses a pottery studio, wood shop, and jewelry studio.  It was designed by the same architect who would later do the blueprints for the Metropolitan Opera House at the Lincoln Center in New York City.

The school has a total of 9 libraries that contain over 2.48 million volumes and in excess of 6 million total resources in the form of maps, videos, recordings, photographs, and more.  The college is also home to a number of specialty libraries such as the Biomedical Library, the Evans Map Room, Jones Media Center, and the Paddock Music Library.

The focus of Dartmouth College is to provide the best possible undergraduate education with a faculty that is as equally committing to teaching as they are to research.

The college is also home to world-class professional schools such as the Tuck School of Business, Thayer School of Engineering, and the Dartmouth Medical School.  Dartmouth is consistently ranked at the top of national college and university rankings in many categories and has one of the highest endowments in the country at 3 billion.

The 2006 edition of the Princeton Review rated Dartmouth as 3rd in its “quality of life” survey category and 6th in the “happiest students” poll.  At Dartmouth, the Greek system and athletics are highly popular and a source of pride for the school and entire region.

The college offers over 350 organizations, sports, and teams and the school has many long-standing traditions and celebrations for students and alumni.  Almost 20% of the student body takes part in one of the intercollegiate sports at Dartmouth and almost 80% take part in one of the club or intramural athletic programs.

The Dartmouth Big Green compete in the NCAA in several sports such as football, baseball, ice hockey, fencing, rowing, and more as members of the Ivy League athletic conference.  Since 2000, Dartmouth College has spent over $70 million to upgrade all athletic facilities such as the football stadium, gymnasium, and indoor track.

Dartmouth College is an educational opportunity of a lifetime and the faithful contributions of its many alumni attest to that fact.

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