Five Free Online Courses You Should Avail

Obtaining a degree in your preferred field of study has never been easier. Now you can do it sitting at home and without spending thousands of dollars on it.




Free online courses are available across various academic disciplines which have made distance education and home learning easier and much more convenient. Now it is possible to obtain a degree in more fields than ever, with the advent of technology, making the internet accessible to more and more people each day.


Here is a list of five free online courses that you should not let go of, if you are interested one of these fields of study:


Business courses are offered by various universities online that you can avail. Some of the leading traditional universities, including Yale and Stanford have now made their course material available online for free. An education at Yale is one of the most prestigious and expensive in the world, but now the same material is available as free online courses.

You can study at your will with no restriction on time. These online courses help you to be in control of your education at all times, without having to compromise on other commitments in life. The online business courses are given the same recognition as traditional courses.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology leads the way in offering free engineering online courses. The course material of their online courses is available through their OpenCourseWare project. It is the same that is taught in their institution, which is one of the most expensive educational academic institutions.

Engineering is one of the well-paid jobs and can lead you to a secure and bright future. It is a golden opportunity, especially as you do not have to spend a dime.


The demand for professionals in the health care field is always increasing. Nursing is thought to be one of the most secure jobs that a person can have. If you want to go for nursing, then there are a number of universities that offer free online courses that you can enroll in to get a quality education.

The University of Phoenix and the University of Kaplan offer the best programs for nursing education, as compared to other online courses.

Criminal Law

If you have an interest in criminal law, then free online courses are available which will lead you through the whole process and open up the doors for you to choose from different careers majors. You can become a paralegal or a lawyer or a law enforcement officer, whatever you prefer.


An introduction course in psychology is a prerequisite for choosing it as a college major and taking it up as a profession. Free online courses in psychology will introduce you to the concepts and theories used in the world of psychology today. Stanford University’s course material is available online through ITunes U for free. Once you have grasped the core of the subject, then you can branch out and become a successful psychologist.

With such wonderful opportunities at your disposal, it is best not to let them go to waste. Be wise and choose your field of interest. It’s free!

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