How to pick the right Open University for You?

Open universities have an open-door academic policy. You can be a secondary school dropout and now have the chance to get a degree in the field of your choice. A degree is the first step towards a successful professional life. Open universities have opened the doors for one and all. You don’t need to prove your previous academic credentials to get into an open university. It is the ideal chance for you to make something of yourself. But how to pick the glove that fits you best? Try it on for size. Here are a few factors that would determine which open university is right for you.

Open University programs are usually priced competitively, but for some fields, the cost of the program may be higher. This is the case with most of the fields related to science. But since so many open universities are in operation now, there is always a variety of options to choose from. Costs vary with the reputation and credibility of the programs on offer by the open university. The more reputed a university is, the more competent your degree is. Every cent spent on your education is an investment!
The time it would take you to obtain your degree from a traditional university program can be reduced if you choose an open university with a fast-track program. The program allows you to take up more courses each semester than required, according to your preference. As a result, you can complete a three year program within two years. On the other end of the spectrum is the option of taking more time to complete a program, by taking it easy. This option is feasible for you if you are working full-time or raising a family, or both.
Not all open universities are accredited. You must make sure that the open university you choose is accredited before you enroll in their program, or otherwise, the degree you get will not be recognized by any authority. It could dampen your future prospects, as employers would be hesitant to hire someone without an accredited degree.  You can check out the website or call the university to verify their accreditation status. An accredited degree improves your standing against the people vying for the same job as you. Remember to choose an accredited open university.
Passing ratio of students
The examination success ratio is a good measure of the standard of the programs of an open university. The higher the ratio, the better the university is for you. You will have a higher chance of success and the risk of failing tests and lagging behind will be reduced.  The quicker you get through your program, the quicker you will be able to step into your professional life.
Open universities provide you with the option of gaining your degree through distance education. It is imperative that you choose the right open university for yourself, that will cater to your needs better than any other. Keep these factors in mind and you would not have to regret your choice!

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