Illinois Scholarships

There are several scholarships and also economic aid that are obtainable for students in the state of Illinois and in order to be more recognizable with them the applicant needs to get in touch with the Illinois Student Assistance Commission. In order to get additional information about the types and the nature of the scholarships that are available you may refer to the following link:


Names Of Some Of The well-known Illinois Scholarships

The following are a number of the well-known Illinois scholarships that are being offered to the students that apply for scholarships in Illinois:

Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship Program

Objective Of The Scholarship: For Full-time Undergraduate Studies at accredited postsecondary institutions in United States.

Eligibility Criteria For The Applicant: This scholarship is especially available to the residents of Illinois, the students who are high school seniors with a score of 3.5 GPA or higher. Applicant should be enrolled at a two or four year college or university in Illinois in United states.

Additional information: Names of those qualifying students who are submitted by the high school guidance counselors. This information might not be used for the military service academies.

Scholarship Amount: $1,500

Available Number of Scholarships: 1,067


Bonus Incentive Grant (BIG)

Objective of The scholarship:   For undergraduate studies at an accredited 2 year or 4 year institution in United States and some designated institutions comprises Approved Illinois public and private colleges, universities and also hospital schools.

Eligibility Criteria Of The Applicant: Applicant should be a citizen of United States and residing in Illinois.

Additional information:  Non requirement based grants are obtainable to the beneficiaries of the Illinois College Savings Bonds. If, as a minimum, 70 percent of the bond proceeds are used for the costs at any eligible institution. These institutions are not religious institutions or for divinity programs or for studies in grounding for the priesthood.

Scholarship Amount: $40-$440

Number of Awards available: 427


Illinois Future Teacher Corps

Objective Of The Scholarship: For the senior, junior or graduate studies at accredited 2 year or 4 year institutions in United States. There are designated institutions like Approved Illinois public and private four year colleges, as well as universities providing teacher programs, and also certain other degree-granting organizations.

Eligibility Criteria of The Applicant: Applicant must be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident who is residing in Illinois.

Additional information: Scholarships for students who are planning to pursue their careers as pre-school, then elementary school, and also secondary school teachers in Illinois in United States.

Scholarship Amount: $5,000-$10,000

Deadline for Application: March 1st

Number of awards Available: 549


Illinois Monetary Award Program

Objective Of The Scholarship: For the undergraduate studies at a 2 year or 4 year institution and also designated institutions like ISAC or MAP standard institutions in Illinois in United States.

Eligibility Criteria For The Applicant: Open to the residents of Illinois who are citizens of United States. The applicant has to show financial requirement and also be registered full or part-time as an undergraduate student at an accredited university or college. The award is to offer monetary assistance to the students in Illinois.

Additional information: Applicant must reapply every year for the renewal of the award. The Amount of this award is dependent on the legislative action and also accessible funding in any given year.

Scholarship Amount: $4,968

Deadline For The Application: September 30th

Number of Awards Available: 145,543


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