Lehigh University

Lehigh University – situated in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania – is a co-educational private university. It was founded as a technical school in 1865 by Asa Packer.


Lehigh University

Over the years it included a wide range of disciplines in its studies.

Lehigh University has colleges: the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Education, the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering & Applied Science and the College of Business and Economics.
The college of Arts and Sciences is the biggest college since forty percent of the university’s students are enrolled here.
Lehigh University follows a semester-based curriculum calendar system. It offers studies in ninety three majors out of which the popular are Management, Engineering, Education, Accounting and Finance and Psychology.
The rate student retention at Lehigh University is ninety three percent. The student faculty Ratio is 8:1. The rate of graduation is eighty five percent.
Lehigh University is situated in Lehigh valley, eighty five miles from the city of New York and seventy miles from the city of Philadelphia. Lehigh University spans over one thousand and six hundred acres of land and a hundred and fifty buildings.
Lehigh University
The original campus of the Lehigh University – The Asa Packer Campus – is located into the Northern slope of the mountain.
The Mountaintop Campus is located on top of the South Mountain and features a sports field and the Iacocca Hall.
The Murray H. Goodman Campus is located to the immediate south. It contains 6,000-seat stadium and several other sports facilities.
Lehigh University is a member of the Patriot league and competes in several sports at the NCAA Division. Its sports program was included in America’s best college sports programs by U.S. News and World report.
Graduates of Lehigh have made great careers in football, baseball, soccer and basketball. They have also won gold medals at Olympics for America.
Lehigh University offers several degrees that include Doctor of Philosophy, Master of business administration, Master of Arts, Master of Education, Master of Science, Master of engineering, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science.
There is on-campus housing also available at Lehigh University. The dormitory can accommodate about two thousand and five hundred students.
On-campus part-time employment is also available at Lehigh University which helps students cover part of their tuition fees. The university also helps its students in evaluating career options and finding jobs after graduation.
Main Programs:
Lehigh University offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the following fields:
Accounting and Finance 
Communication and Journalism 
Computer Science 
English and Literature 
Ethnic and Cultural Studies 
Foreign Languages 
General Studies 
Graphic Design and Animation 
Marketing and Advertising 
Natural Resources and Environment 
Political Science 
Retailing and Wholesaling 
Sociology and Anthropology 
Theater and Drama 
Theology and Religion 
Urban Development 

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