New Mexico Scholarships

There are several scholarships and also economic aid that are obtainable for students in the state of New Mexico and in order to be more recognizable with them the applicant needs to get in touch with the New Mexico Commission on Higher Education. In order to get additional information about the types and the nature of the scholarships that are available you may refer to the following link:


New Mexico Scholarships


Names Of The Some Of The well-known New Mexico Scholarships

The following are a number of the well-known New Mexico scholarships that are being offered to the students that apply for scholarships in New Mexico:


New Mexico Scholars Program

Objective Of The Scholarship: For the Full-time Undergraduate Studies at accredited 2 year or 4 year institutions in the United States, for selected institutions and some public institutions in New Mexico, or the following private institutions such as College of Santa Fe, College of the Southwest, St. John`s College.

Eligibility Criteria For The Applicant: Scholarship is dedicated for the undergraduate studies at accredited designated two year and four year colleges and universities. Applicant has to be as a minimum sixteen years old and not older than twenty one. The person must be a permanent resident of New Mexico.
Application requirement: Nomination with the help of high school, class rank and GPA. Applicant should be attending high school in one of the urban and economically distressed areas of New Mexico.

Additional information: This Award includes the book and also required fees. The applicant must be a graduate of New Mexico high school.


Scholarship Amount: Full tuition


Application deadline: you need to check with the college or university..



New Mexico Vietnam Veteran`s Scholarship

Objective of The scholarship:  For undergraduate studies at post secondary and some designated institutes are St. John`s College, College of Santa Fe, and college of the Southwest


Eligibility Criteria Of The Applicant: Applicant has to be citizen of U.S. residing in New Mexico. Applicant should be veteran throughout Vietnam. The person must have been awarded Vietnam campaign medal throughout the period of August 5, 1964 to extinction of the Vietnam conflict.

Additional information:  the maximum award offers tuition fees and book allowance on first come, first serve basis. Eligibility should be certified by New Mexico Veterans Service commission.


Scholarship Amount: Full tuition



National President`s Scholarship

Objective Of The Scholarship: For undergraduate studies at postsecondary institutions in United States.

Eligibility Criteria of The Applicant: Applicant should be residing in New Mexico in United States.

Additional information: winner of the scholarship is from awarded from The Department Scholarship of National President 

Scholarship Amount: $150

Deadline for Application: April 1st 


Past President`s Parley Scholarship

Objective Of The Scholarship: For Undergraduate Studies at an accredited postsecondary institution in New Mexico in United States.

Eligibility Criteria For The Applicant: The Applicant has to present a copy of school registration and also the letter of request for assistance in New Mexico in United States.

Additional information: Major or career interest in the health-related professions such as nursing or medicine is offered.

Scholarship Amount: Varies

Deadline For The Application: May 1st


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