Online tutoring vs. Traditional tutoring Which is better?

The development in the field of technology has made the World Wide Web accessible to more and more people. The rate of computer literacy is constantly on the rise. This has opened up new avenues for people. One of them is online tutoring. Online tutoring is the same as traditional tutoring but uses the latest information technology gadgets instead. Now you can sit at home and feel the experience of being in an interactive learning session with your teacher, who may be in a different country altogether. But which method is better for you? It all depends on your needs. Some factors to compare these two methods are listed below.
• Cost
There is no doubt that traditional learning institutions are expensive, especially if they are in the private sector. Online tutoring is reasonable when you are looking to cut costs. Some institutes even offer online learning material for free! The reliability and competency of such institutes is in question, but there is no doubt that the material provided is good. Financial problems are the most common reason for students to quit traditional tutoring, but online tutoring has given them the opportunity to continue their education.
• Convenience
Traditional tutoring requires you to be present in front of the teacher physically. Then there are time constraints and scheduling conflicts as you are depending on the teacher to set times for your study. Online tutoring allows you to be in control at all times. You can choose timetables, schedules and even the subject you want to study. This is a great advantage, as you can study the subject that you want to study, rather than going through the fixed routine, math first, and science to follow, so on and so forth. This is a great thing for working individuals, as they don’t have to quit their job in order to manage time for their classes. You can study science at three in the morning. You can study during the Christmas break. You can study anytime. No one will stop you!
• Individual Attention
If you are enrolled in a traditional institution, you may find yourself part of a hundred students in class, with only one teacher to cater to the needs of so many different individuals. Lack of individual attention causes boredom and frustration and you feel disheartened and inattentive. Online tutoring offers you a one-on-one session with your teacher, where the teacher can give you complete attention.
• Speed
Not every student learns at the same speed. It could take you three lessons to grasp a topic your friend understood in the first. Traditional institutions follow a planned course of teaching, and they do not divulge from it. The whole class will be taught the same thing at the same time, regardless of how many understand and how many don’t. Online tutoring gives you control over the pace at which you learn a topic. You can take your time without disturbing anyone.
Online tutoring offers a variety of advantages over traditional tutoring. No wonder it is growing in popularity. But the choice of which one is better depends on you!

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