Should iPods be Allowed at Schools

The iPod has become more of a necessity than a luxury. Those who have an iPod do not want to part with it for any reason. The same goes for school students.


Students have put forth the demand that they be allowed to bring their iPods to school. The authorities and heads of schools have made their view clear saying that allowing the iPod in school is not a problem.

The main problem is the students will be tempted to use it in the classroom, so most of the schools have banned the use of iPod altogether.

However, there may be some advantages to students if allowed the use of iPods at schools.

  • Music is a great source of relaxation and also helps relieve stress. The students face a lot of pressure at schools and can use music as an exhaust to vent out all their stress. This will help them improve their work at school.
  • The iPod can provide the student with an activity to kill the time when he is free in school. Schools have recess and other breaks between classes when the student has nothing to do. The iPod can also be a good companion on the way to school, whether the student walks to school or rides a bus.
  • The iPod allows students to install applications of surplus books such as the dictionary, thesaurus as well as the calculator, which means that they can carry a lighter backpack to their schools.
  • Podcasts are available on the iPod for coursework content that the students can refer to. Many students say that they find the podcasts better than the notes that they take down in class.
  • The students can record the teacher’s lecture and then listen to it again for revision. The recorded lecture can be shared with students who were absent.
  • Groups can be formed at schools based on the type of music the students like to listen to, thus giving the students an opportunity to socialize through the iPod.

There a number of disadvantages of the iPod being allowed in schools.

  • The students can get distracted during the lecture, which makes the teacher angry and the student won’t be able to concentrate.
  • The iPod can be used for cheating during tests and exams at schools. It is easy for the students to store text and formulae in their iPods.
  • The iPods may not be safe to be used in schools, as they can be stolen from lockers.
  • Playing the music on the iPod may be distracting for other students, which can disturb their focus and they won’t be able to be attentive.
  • School is a place meant for students to socialize with each other. The iPod will hamper this as the student who has an iPod will become reserved and instead of hanging out with fellow students, will be involved in his iPod.
  • There is always the risk that the students may bring unsuitable material in to schools through the iPod. Unintentional mishaps can occur, such as racism incidents.
  • The iPod may be a class differential, as the less well-off students won’t be able to afford an iPod and may feel contempt at seeing the other students bring theirs.

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