Should You Go for Bachelor or Associate Online Degree Programs?

Online degree programs are a convenient way of obtaining your undergraduate degree, be it a bachelor’s or an associate’s degree. Online degree programs are becoming a trend with young adults preferring to stay at home and study, rather than going to an institution day after day for classes.

If you are stumped over the choice between a bachelor’s and associate’s online degree programs, then you need to keep a few things in mind while making your decision. It’s better to weigh the good points and bad points of both options before choosing which one is better and holds more potential for you to succeed.


Online degree programs for both bachelor’s and associate’s degree lasts the same time as a traditional program. An associate’s degree takes two years while a bachelor’s degree program lasts for four years.  If you want to get into the professional fold quickly, then an associate’s online degree program is a better option for you.


This is a feasible option especially if you are facing financial difficulties and looking for better employment. If you feel you can spend four years in the same routine of studying from home and maintaining your job, then a bachelor’s degree online program will suit you.
If you go for a bachelor’s degree after an associate’s degree, some times your two-year online degree program will be treated as the first two years of the bachelor’s degree program. Online degree programs generally, do not do so. Usually, the whole four year program has to be completed in order to obtain a bachelor’s degree. So, this means you will spend six years getting both degrees. In such a case, you should go for a bachelor’s degree instead of spending two years getting an associate’s degree first.
Online degree programs for a bachelor’s degree naturally cost more than the online degree programs for an associate’s degree, because the time taken to complete it is double. If financial woes are plaguing you, it is a better option to choose an associate’s online degree program and become a professional in two years. But as they say, cost of education is an investment.

A bachelor’s degree will hand you a better job than an associate’s degree.
Bachelor’s degree is generally given preference over an associate’s degree, as the knowledge and competence in the field is developed over a longer period of time. Online degree programs for both degrees follow the pattern of traditional programs. When associate’s degree holders and bachelor’s degree holders are vying for the same job, it is the bachelor’s degree holder who will gain the job, because his professional qualification is higher. Getting an associate’s degree will definitely limit your chances of progress. The more you are qualified, the better the employment opportunities for you will be.
A bachelor’s degree is more expensive and time-consuming than an associate’s degree, but it will eventually pay off. But, if you are looking to save on time and money, better go for an associate’s online degree program. The choice is yours!

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