South Carolina Scholarships

In order to apply for scholarships in the state of South Carolina the student needs to contact The South Carolina Commission on Higher Education. The above Commission provides the student with educational planning tools as well as resources. It is the main objective of the above commission to provide the student with financial aid for both education and career training when they submit their applications for scholarships. Students may refer to the following link for obtaining information about the types and the nature of South Carolina scholarships that are available to them:



South Carolina Scholarships


Names Of The Some Of The Prominent South Carolina Scholarships

The following are some of the prominent scholarships that are being offered to students that are residents of the state of South Carolina: 


1.South Carolina Need Based Grants Program  

Objective: For Full Time Undergraduate Studies at vocational 2 year and 4 year institutions. There are designated institutions and eligible South Carolina institutions that offer students this scholarship


Eligibility: Applicant must be a US citizen and a state resident of South Carolina.
Selection Basis: FAFSA


Other Information; The applicant can get the scholarship for a maximum full term, eight equivalent terms, or until he/she earns the degree; whichever is of the lesser duration. The applicant should enroll in at least twelve credit hours that is per semester if full-time, or six months if part-time


Requirements: Proof of eligibility


Scholarship Amounts: $1,250-$2,500




2. Life Scholarship Program 

Objective: For full time undergraduate studies at vocational 2 year and 4 year institutions that are conducted at designated institutions and South Carolina Institutes.


Eligibility: Applicant must be a permanent resident of the state and a US citizen. Applicant should be a high school graduate and be a resident of South Carolina.


Requirements: scores of ACT/SAT are required, Transcript


More Information: There are first time entering Freshman courses that are conducted at 4 year institutions and the applicant must meet two of the three criteria; 3.0 high school GPA on the Uniform Grading Policy (UGP) and a minimum score of 1100 SAT or ACT of 24, first time entering freshman at a 2 year institution and have a 3.0 high school score GPA on UGP for being eligible in the scholarship applications.


Requirements For The Applicant : Essay,


Recommendations transcript, and nomination by the Council Member Organization.


Scholarship Amount: $5,000

South Carolina Commission on Higher Education at


3. American Legion South Carolina Auxiliary Scholarship


Objective: For Full Time Undergraduate Studies at post-secondary institutions


Eligibility: The applicant or the parent must be a member or a participant of the American Legion Auxiliary. The applicant also must be a high school senior residing in South Carolina.


Other Additional Information: The applicant must be of the American Legion junior or senior member that has at least three consecutive year’s membership when he/she is applying for the scholarship. The applicant should also have a current membership card.


Deadline For the Application: April 15th


Scholarship Amount: $500.




4.American Legion South Carolina Department Oratorical Contest

Objective: For undergraduate studies at post secondary institutions

Eligibility: The applicant must be a high school applicant and he/she must also be residing in South Carolina.

Other Information: talent/interesting oratory/debate/ that is based on the language style, voice, the diction, breadth knowledge, application of the knowledge, the skills in the selection of examples and analogies.

Scholarship Amount: $100-$3500

Deadline For The Application: 1st of January


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