The Benefits of Summer School

School’s out for the summer! There is no greater joy for a student than to go on the June to September summer vacation. After a whole year of studying, the summer break comes like a breath of fresh air, giving the students time to relax and recharge themselves.


Yes, summer break is for chilling out, but it can be utilized for summer school. Summer school is basically a program sponsored or conducted by a school during the summer vacation. For the primary and secondary level students, summer school is more recreational.

However, summer school is more academic focused for the high school and college student. 


Here are some benefits of summer school:
Remedial Classes

There are various reasons why a student may be unable to take the classes during a term or semester. The most common reason is a sick leave. When the student comes back from the leave, he finds that the class has gone way ahead and he has to do catching up. Unless he has a very astute brain, this can be quite a difficult task. Summer school provides remedial classes for such students so that they can study what they missed and come up to the level of their fellow students.

Fast Track

Some students want to get done with the coursework quickly so that they can earn more credits before school recommences. This is a great way of stacking up credits which can be used to get into the preferred college for a student. Some subjects are difficult to study during the regular academic year and summer school provides the opportunity to study them beforehand and be prepared when school opens.

Smaller Classes

A majority of the children don’t want to study in the summer (Naturally!). The number of students who enroll for summer school is very low and thus, the size of the classes becomes small. The compact classes allow for better interaction with the teacher and the teacher can also give more attention to each individual student. When the collaboration with the teacher increases, a better learning environment is developed for the student, making learning easier for him.

Increase the GPA

The grade point average is crucial to the student’s passing chances. If a student fails a subject, his GPA comes down and that means the likelihood of him passing will get slimmer. Summer school is a great opportunity for such students to work on the subject or subjects that they have failed. Summer school grades replace the original grades in the subject that the student got during the regular school year. This means his GPA can improve.

Going to summer school is a much better option if you are just going to fool around and not do anything worthwhile. The recession has caused the job market to contract.

Getting through your education quickly and with better grades gives you a firm footing to stand on. This is why the enrolment in summer school has increased, both for private and public schools and colleges.

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