The Best Online Accounting Degree Programs

Accounting is one of the hottest career fields. The salaries are attractive and the demand is ever-increasing.

This makes accounting degree programs popular among students, who are about to enter into a university or college to get their degrees.


bigstock_Accounting_6156743Now that the internet has beco
me easily accessible, a high percentage of the students opt for online accounting degree programs rather than taking the traditional route of enrolling and going through a conventional university or college.

The main reason for this is the lack of time and the need to work full-time. Online accounting degree programs provide the flexibility and convenience that traditional programs don’t. Furthermore, online learning is cheaper than going to a physical institution as the extra costs of commuting and eating are eliminated.

Accounting degrees can be obtained at the Bachelor’s, Associate’s and Master’s level. Here are some of the best online accounting degree programs.

1.    DeVry University:

DeVry University is one of the best online universities. It is accredited and duly recognized by all the relevant authorities. DeVry University offers online accounting degree programs across all three levels of degrees, covering accounting and finance.

2.    Grand Canyon University:

Grand Canyon University is one of the best online Christian universities. It is an accredited institution that provides quality education with emphasis on meeting the needs of every individual student. Grand Canyon University offers online accounting degree programs at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels.

3.    Kaplan University:

Kaplan University is regarded by experts as the best online university. It provides a high-quality education and provides you value for your money. It is duly accredited and offers online accounting degree programs across the Bachelor’s, Associate’s and Master’s levels in basic accounting as well as auditing and finance.

4.    University of Phoenix:

University of Phoenix is one of the most famous and recognized online universities. This prestigious institute offers online accounting degree programs across three levels of undergraduate and graduate degrees, with stress on accounting as the main focus.

5.    Keiser University:

The curriculum and teaching methods employed at Keiser University are made in such a way that focuses on the needs of students already under stress after working a whole day. Argosy University is accredited and offers online accounting degree programs on the Bachelor’s and Associate’s levels.

6.    Strayer University:

Strayer University can almost be considered as the online university for accounting students. The number of online accounting degree programs is the highest at Strayer University with no less than 12 programs on offer across Master’s, Bachelor’s, Associate’s levels. Certificates are offered on the executive and undergraduate levels.
If you are looking for online accounting degree programs, then choosing from the 6 universities mentioned above will be a good choice for you.

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