The Georgia Institute of Technology

 The Georgia Institute of Technology – widely known as Tech, Georgia Tech or GT –  is situated in Atlanta, Georgia. It is a public research university and a campus of the university system of Georgia.

It has affiliated campuses in France, Shanghai, and Singapore.


The Georgia Institute of Technology was established in 1885. The actual idea for its establishment was to develop an economy based on industry in the aftermath of the civil war.
The only degree offered initially by this institution was in mechanical engineering.
Nowadays, the Georgia Institute of Technology comprises of six colleges and thirty one departments having strong emphasis on technology and science.
The Georgia Institute of Technology is considered one of the top ten public universities in the United States. It is also a member of the Association of American Universities which is a very prestigious body.
Georgia Tech has eighty sixth ranking in the two hundred best schools worldwide. The Institute offers Bachelor`s, masters and doctoral degrees.
GT follows a semester-based curriculum calendar system and offers forty eight majors out of which the most popular are Management, Engineering, Business, Biology and Computer Science.
The rate of student retention is ninety three percent. The ratio of student to faulty is 11:1 and the graduation rate is seventy seven percent.
The Georgia Institute of Technology is situated in an area that id north of downtown Atlanta. The campus has a lot of greenery which gives it a suburban quality. It has only a few structures that are higher than four stories.
There are four main parts of the campus: East Campus, West campus, central campus and the technology square. Booth east and west campuses are used for housing students whereas the central campus is used for teaching and research.
The Technology Square – widely known as Tech Square – is situated east of east campus and is set in the city. It is used for teaching, conferences and research. Part-time jobs are also available on campus as well as career counseling and job placement after graduation.
Housing on campus is available at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The capacity of the dormitory is more than nine thousand students.
There are various extracurricular activities for the students at the Georgia Institute of Technology including student organizations, the student government association, the ANAK society and honor society.
The sports teams of the Georgia Institute of Technology are known as Yellow jackets and the Engineers. These teams participate in NCAA within the Atlantic Coast conference.
Main Programs:
The Georgia Institute of Technology offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the following fields:
Accounting and Finance
Aerospace and Aeronautical
Communication and Journalism
Computer Science
General Studies
Industrial Technologies
Natural Resources and Environment
Political Science
Social Work
Urban Development

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