The Importance of Getting Middle School Students on the Road to College

Middle school is a transitional step for students between elementary and high school. The importance of a middle school education is enormous as it lays down the foundation for the student to go to high school and then to college. The children in middle school are far too young to make decisions for their future and they base their thinking on what is imparted to them.


There is an alarming increase in the number of high school dropouts or students who quit their education after middle school itself. This can be attributed to the fact that the students decide on their own that they do not want to spend a further four to six years getting education.

Leisure is being preferred over education in this day and age and getting the students on the road to college should be done as early as possible.

Here, middle school can play a very important part. Since the students are more likely to accept what is being taught at that age, the significance of higher education should be imparted to them.

There are a few ways in which middle schools can influence their students to make college a goal for the future.


The students can be taught that college is one of the most enjoyable experiences a person could have. This could connect with the young children, as the element of fun in school is alien to them. It is true that most college graduates mention college as being one of their more memorable experiences. Teaching the children about what they can gain through a college education in middle school can ingrain this in their minds and it is probable that they will decide to go to college there and then.


Going to college is an important part of life, but there are many obstacles to overcome before you can reach there. Informing the students about what they would need to do to get to college, slowly and gradually, will help them in their future life as they will not be besieged when the time comes to go to college.


Make the students visualize what they can achieve by going to college. Link college education to the fulfilling of a person’s goals in life. If the middle school students are able to see themselves as college students, they will be more inclined to go to college.

Activities relating to college that will be relevant for such students can also be useful.

Schools should not aim just to graduate students who have passed their exams. Rather, a school should be the building ground for the personality of each individual student as well as being a base for his/her future aspirations. Middle schools are an integral part of the education structure and they can play an important role in convincing students to receive a college education.

The number of college graduates is steadily decreasing and every middle school should join in the quest to improve this. After all, middle school is a stepping stone towards college.

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