The Top 7 Online PhD Programs

You have earned your masters degree and have been working for years, but somewhere inside, you feel like your life has become stagnant and that your career is going nowhere.


This happens to many people, when the road for further progress gets closed down for a while. The cure to this may be online PhD programs.


Getting a PhD can give your career a boost and help you recover from the feeling of being stuck in a rut. Acquiring a PhD is the highest academic qualification in some fields. With online PhD programs readily available, the opportunity to sit at home and obtain your PhD beckons you.


You don’t have to quit your full-time job and just study at home. Here are the top 7 online PhD programs for you to choose from.

1.    Walden University:

Walden University is an accredited academic institution, providing doctoral degrees for over four decades. The online PhD programs of Walden University are spread over 60 different specializations. There is a variety of online PhD programs on offer at Walden University which incorporate learning and application to help you become a leader in your field.

2.    Capella University

Capella University is a distinguished and accredited online university. Capella University offers 34 programs as part of its online PhD programs. The 34 programs on offer are spread over 9 distinct fields, giving you the option of choosing your field of preference.

3.    University of the Rockies

University of the Rockies is a popular choice for students seeking online PhD programs. It is well renowned for the quality of education on offer. It offers 5 online PhD programs in the field of psychology. If psychology is your field, this is the best choice for you.

4.    Colorado Technical University

The Colorado Technical University offers 3 online PhD programs in the fields of Computer Science and Management. The Colorado Technical University online is duly accredited and recognized by all relevant authorities and boasts of a lot of experience in providing quality education to online degree aspirants.

5.    Liberty University

Liberty University is one of the most prestigious online institutions. It is a regular fixture on the list of the top 10 online colleges as well as being renowned as the best distance learning institute for graduates. Liberty University offers online PhD programs in 4 disciplines with emphasis on preparing the students for their professional lives.

6.    Boston University

Boston University is one of the most reputable online accredited universities. The strong credibility attached to the conventional Boston University is now being lent to its online counterpart. There are two online PhD programs on offer in the fields of Music and Physical Therapy.

7.    Jones International University

Jones International University was the first ever online university to be accredited regionally, giving it an unparalleled stature among other online universities. There are three online PhD programs on offer at Jones International University.

There are many universities that offer online PhD programs, but these 7 are at the top of the pecking order. When looking for online PhD programs for yourself, make sure you prioritize these!

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