The University of Rochester

The University of Rochester is situated in Rochester, New York. It is a non-sectarian private research University which enrolls around four thousand six hundred undergraduate and three thousand nine hundred graduate students.


The University of Rochester


The university comprises of several renowned schools such as the Eastman School of Music.

The University of Rochester has an affiliated health system. Along with this health system, this prestigious school provides employment to the maximum number of people in the Greater Rochester area. It is also the 6th largest employer in New York State.
The University of Rochester was established in 1850 as a Baptist establishment through a charter from the regents of the University of New York. The University began operating in the November of the same year with around sixty students.
University of Rochester has 141st ranking in the two hundred best schools worldwide. 
. The University of Rochester awards bachelors, masters and doctoral degrees. It also gives post baccalaureate certificates and postmaster certificates.
The University of Rochester has a semester-based curriculum calendar system. It offers one hundred and twenty five majors out of which the most popular are Psychology, Music, Management, Business and Biology.
The rate of student retention is ninety five percent. The ratio of student to faculty is 9:1. The rate of graduation is eighty four percent.
The center of the academic and administrative activities of the university is the River Campus which is situated around two miles to the south of Rochester’s downtown in a bend of the Genesee River.
The campus covers about two hundred acres and is flanked by Bausch and Lomb Riverside Park.
The main buildings – centered on the academic quad – are designed in the Greek revival style. The academic quad or the Eastman Quad is regarded area of the university with the best landscape.
The University of Rochester
There are other buildings to the south of the Eastman quad including the Hoyt Hall, Gaveet Hall, Meliora Hall, Hopeman Engineering building and the Harkness Hall. The new science and Engineering Qaud and several other buildings are located to the southern part of the River campus.
The University of Rochester has an on-campus housing facility. The dormitory can accommodate up to four thousand students.
Main Programs
The University of Rochester offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the following fields:
Computer Science 
English and Literature 
Ethnic and Cultural Studies 
Film and Acting 
Foreign Languages 
General Studies 
Medical Assistant 
Natural Resources and Environment 
Political Science 
Sociology and Anthropology 
Theology and Religion

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