The University of Washington at Seattle

The University of Washington – a research university – was established in Seattle, Washington, in 1861. The University of Washington is the biggest university in Northwestern America.


It has three campuses. The biggest campus is in the University district, Seattle. The annual budget of the University of Washington is more than three billion dollars. It has more than five hundred buildings and a space of approximately twenty million square feet.

The University of Washington stood sixteenth in the rankings published by Academic ranking of world universities and is also a public ivy institution.
The University of Washington started in 1861 – closed thrice in 1863, 1867 and 1876 due to various reasons – but managed to award its first graduate in 1876. By 1889, when Washington entered the union, the university had not only survived but also managed to grow substantially.
The 60s and 70s were the best periods for the University of Washington since it saw exponential growth in student enrollment, facilities and budget during this time; it is one of the top recipients of federal research funds in the America.
The research budget ranks in the top five in both public as well as private universities in the United States. The University of Washington’s budget for research exceeded one billion in 2006.
This school has two hundred and seventeen majors to offer that include Biology, Medicine, Engineering, Accounting & Finance, and management.
The rate of student retention of the University is 92%. The student to faculty ratio is 10:1.
The Seattle campus of the is located on the banks of Union and Portage Bays. To its east you will find the Cascade Range whereas the Olympic mountain rest to the west.
Denny Hall is the oldest building on the campus. It was built in the French renaissance style in 1895, with Tenino sandstone. It serves as the centre of the university. The campus observatory – Theodore Jacobson observatory – lies to the north of Denny Hall. It is the second oldest building on the campus.
The University of Washington opened two new campuses in 1090 at Bothell and Tacoma. Both these campuses offer master’s as well as bachelor’s degree programs.
On-campus part-time jobs are also available which helps students with their fees. There is housing facility available to the students on campus. The dormitory can accommodate around six thousand and eight hundred students with a very low room price.
Main Programs
University of Washington offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in the following fields:
1. Accounting and Finance
2. Aerospace and Aeronautical
3. Architecture
4. Art
5. Astronomy
6. Biology
7. Broadcasting
8. Business
9. Chemistry
10. Communication and Journalism
11. Computer Science
12. Construction
13. Criminal Justice
14. Dance and Ballet
15. Dental
16. Economics
17. Education
18. Engineering
19. English and Literature
20. Ethnic and Cultural Studies
21. Film and Acting
22. Foreign Languages
23. General Studies
24. Geography
25. Geology
26. Graphic Design and Animation
27. History
28. Industrial Technologies
29. Laboratory Assistance
30. Law
31. Library and Museum
32. Management
33. Marketing and Advertising
34. Mathematics
35. Medical
36. Medical Assistant
37. Meteorology
38. Music
39. Natural Resources and Environment
40. Nursing
41. Occupational Safety and Health
42. Occupational Therapy
43. Office and Clerical Services
44. Paralegal
45. Pharmacy
46. Philosophy
47. Photography
48. Physical Therapy
49. Physics
50. Political Science
51. Psychology
52. Social Work
53. Sociology and Anthropology
54. Theater and Drama
55. Theology and Religion
56. Urban Development
57. Work and Family Studies

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