Top 20 Best Paying College Degrees In America

A degree in Petroleum Engineering allows students to learn to apply math and science to the development, design and operational evaluation of systems for finding, extracting, processing and refining crude petroleum and natural gas; starting salary begins at $93,000. With a beginning salary of $58,000, A Bachelors Degree in Aerospace Engineering prepares the student for many career possibilities within the aviation industry.  Course covers areas such as theoretical aerodynamics and computational fluid dynamics, engineering design and design optimization, mechanics of materials, wave mechanics, and all other emerging fields.


Chemical engineering is a lucrative profession; graduates can expect offers as high $60,000. Chemical engineers tend to get offered higher salaries as they gain experience in the field. The specialization in the manufacturing of electrical equipment is Electrical engineering. Electrical engineers oversee manufacturing, design, development and testing of electrical equipments. Though salary is determined by different factors, graduates can expect an offer of around $60,000.


Nuclear Engineering is an intricate area that requires engineers, scientists, and technicians for different sorts of research and development. Though many specialty areas exist, the main occupation of a nuclear engineer is to design and build nuclear reactors. Entry level salary begins at the $60,000 range. Applied Mathematics makes use of theories, techniques, computational methods and mathematical modeling to solve practical problems wherever applicable, e.g. cost effectiveness of using another manufacturing process, or the most effective way to schedule train routes within the city. An entry level’s salary may begin at $55,000.


Biomedical Engineering entails applying the laws and principles of biology and medical engineering so as to create devices that are useful to a person and the health industry, e.g. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), CT scans, X-rays, sonography and ultrasound; entry level salary begins at about $55,000.Physics makes possible many of the scientific processes employed by science as a whole. A physicist tries to understand the laws of physics which enables us to predict the behavior of things such as lasers, rockets and micro chips. A physicist may enter the job market with an offering of $50,000. Computer Engineering involves being specialized in the field of computer science. Computer engineers also have a background in electrical engineering or other engineering fields.  An entry level computer engineer can expect $48,000 upon first entering the field and $97,000 at the midway point of his/her career.


Economics ranks closely with other best paying college degrees. As a program, economics may be described as the study of how goods are produced and circulated. A recent graduate should expect a starting offer around forty eight to $50,000. Computer technology has been incorporated into every aspect of human lives and its’ graduates are in constant demand to help maintain this technological structure and framework. A Bachelors Degree in Computer Science will earn you around $56,000 to $98,000 a year.


Civil Engineering is overseeing the design and construction of roads, water supply systems, bridges and other structures.  Civil Engineers keep the structures that human populations rely on functioning; an entry level’s salary is about $55,500.  Statisticians apply mathematical and statistical knowledge to experiments and surveys, furthermore, to the processing, collecting, and analysis of data; and the interpretation of experiments and survey results. A new graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics should expect a salary of $50,000 or more.


A Bachelor’s degree in Finance covers subjects such as statistics, accounting policies, economics, corporate budgeting and financial analysis. Most graduates work in areas such as commercial banking, investment banking, financial planning, insurance, money managing and real estate; the average entry level salary is about $46,000. Software Engineering is the designing and development of different types of software, including network control systems, operating systems, business applications, middleware and even computer games. Software engineering degree is one of the highest paying degrees. Offers begin at around $57,000 dollars.


Management info. systems (MIS) allows professionals to combine their business knowledge and information technology (IT)  skills to help businesses run efficiently by placing new technology for the organization. Entry level salary begins at about $51,000


Theoretical Mathematics unlike applied mathematics creates novel principles and discovers correlations and relationships between widely accepted principles. Most theoretical mathematicians work at universities where they teach and research; entry salary is about 47,000. A mid-career mathematician could make over $80,000 a year. A Bachelor’s Degree in Government prepares individuals to enter the workforce in public service. Individuals may utilize the degree to work in many segments; entry level salary is about $41,000.


Information Systems is the designing, building, and implementing of software solutions that are the backbone of every business. In addition to these tasks, computer information specialists may also examine established systems to find ways how to improve them; salary for a graduate typically starts at about $50,000. A Bachelor’s degree in Construction Management acquaints the student with the most relevant areas of science; these are, construction science, construction management and business. These skills are necessary to manage construction projects successfully; a recent graduate’s salary is around $51,000.


Top 20 Paying College Degrees In America.

Listed by highest paying degree, starting median pay and mid-career pay (no specific ranking).

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