Top 20 Elementary Education Programs In America

Top 20 Elementary Education Programs in America. Listed by School Name, Degree Awarded, Population, and Location.


Top 20 Elementary Education Programs In America
Degree Awarded
Ohio State University–Main Campus
Columbus, OH
University of Minnesota–Twin Cities
Minneapolis, MN
The University of Texas Austin
M.E.d, PhD
Austin, TX
Michigan State UniversityEast Lansing
East Lansing, MI
University of Illinois at UrbanaChampaign
Champaign, IL
New York University
New York, NY
Purdue University
West Lafayette, IN
University of MichiganAnn Arbor
Ann Arbor, MI
Indiana UniversityBloomington
Bloomington, IN
University of MarylandCollege Park
College Park, MD
University of Georgia
BS, E.d
Athens, GA
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA
University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT
University of Delaware
Newark, DE
Stanford University
Stanford, CA
University of MiamiCoral Gables
Coral Gables, FL
Boston College
BA, MAT, M.E.d
Chestnut Hill, MA
Washington University in St. Louis
BA, BS, M.A.E.D,
St. Louis, MO
Vanderbilt UniversityPeabody College
BA, BS, M.E.d
Nashville, TN
College of William and Mary
BA, M.A.E.d
Williamsburg, VA


Ohio State University (Main Campus) offers a graduate education program that ranked 4th among all other Elementary Education Programs (US News & World Report). The M.E.d Program in Early Education includes graduate level course work as well as field placement and teaching in pre-school and elementary.
University of Minnesota–Twin Cities provides an undergraduate Elementary Program that allows students to study in the Americas, Middle East, Asia, Europe, as well as Africa; a Bachelor of Science degree is awarded.
The University of Texas at Austin aims to create the best teachers; it offers a graduate Early Childhood Program specialization; program allows students to enter the field as teachers of young children, with focus on pre-kindergarten through elementary.
The Department of Teacher Education at the Michigan State University offers an elementary education program to prepare teachers who possess the knowledge to teach. Program hones the skills required to teach Kindergarten through fifth grade (K-5).
University of Illinois at Urbana – Champaign offers a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education; program prepares teachers to teach grades kindergarten through grade 9. Graduate students may also elect to specialize in Elementary Education.
New York University awards a Bachelor’s, Master’s, as well as a PhD in Childhood Education. The Bachelor’s program places emphasis on Liberal Arts; program was designed to make sure students receive the best preparation.
Purdue University aims to prepare students to be teachers through classes and field experiences. Students develop practical and theoretical teaching skills, students develop sensitivity to many cultures and learn to take professional reasonability within and outside the classroom.
University of Michigan – Ann Arbor awards a Bachelor of Arts or Science in Elementary Teacher Education. Students who complete the program are recommended to the state for elementary teacher certification.
Indiana University – Bloomington awards a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education.  Program leads to a license to teach infant/toddlers preschool programs (grades K-3). A Bachelor of Science in Special Education/Elementary Teaching All Learners is also awarded, as well as a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (Theory Into Practice).
The Elementary Education  program at the University of Maryland – College Park was designed for students seeking certification to teach elementary education.  Upon certification, graduates may teach grades 1-6, program allows an 18 credit ‘Area of Emphasis.’
The Elementary program at the University of Georgia provides the field and educational foundation necessary to teach early graders. The graduate program includes M.A.T. PreK-5th Grade (Initial Certification), M.A.T. PreK-2nd Grade Emphasis (Initial Certification), M.Ed. Early Childhood Education, Ed.S. Early Childhood Education, Ph.D. Early Childhood Education, and Ph.D. Elementary Education.
University of Virginia awards a B/MT and PG/MT in Elementary Education, both degrees lead to a Masters of Teaching degree (MT). The B/MT program provides undergraduates with the opportunity to teach grades preschool through grade 6. The PG/MT is a two year post graduate program.
University of Connecticut aims to prepare students to teach in grades K-6th. Students complete the necessary requirements, which includes 39 credits that covers a single subject in Mathematics, Science, English or Geography/History; students must also complete the Master of Arts Program.
The Elementary Teacher Education (ETE) program at University of Delaware is certified in special education and elementary education as well as middle school content area; field placements include urban, suburban and rural settings.
Stanford University offers a STEP Program (Stanford Teacher Education Program), the one year Masters program allows students to gain a substantial amount of classroom experience. Students gain first hand knowledge in local, public and elementary schools.
The Department of Teaching and Learning at the University of Miami awards a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. Required courses include Practicum in Reading, Inclusive Classrooms in the Elementary School, Mathematics Instruction in the Elementary School, Language Arts in the Elementary School; among others.
Boston College enables undergraduate students to work with different types of elementary learners. Students also acquire the skills required to teach students with mild disabilities (grades 1 through 6).
Ranked as one of the top graduate Education programs in the country, Washington University in St. Louis provides an Elementary Education program that prepares graduate and undergraduate students to teach grades 1-6.
Vanderbilt University (Peabody College) provides an Elementary Education that allows students to experience actual classrooms in local schools. Program prepares students to teach grades K-6, a graduate degree is also awarded.
College of William and Mary offers a combined 5 year BA to M.A.E.d program. Students must complete 3 credits in English, History, Social Science, Mathematics, and Science & Lab in order to be eligible for the  K-6 license.

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