Top 20 Most Popular Majors And What They Pay

Computer Science ranks at the top of the most popular majors in the United States. It is a profession that evolves, and prospects would have to keep up with the ever changing computer technology.

Considered the most in-demand skills wanted by employers, a Nursing degree prepares the graduate to be able to work in all types of healthcare settings. A Bachelor’s degree is widely popular and considered time well invested. Construction Management is a popular and growing field, 17% growth was predicted for years 2008-2018 by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics. Construction management as a course educates students on how to plan, manage and budget different construction projects. Graduates may choose to work on commercial and residential structures.

Accounting is described as one of the best jobs in America, it seen as a low stress and high paying job. Accounting as a profession is one where information is located, recorded, summarized and passed on to the decision makers. By utilizing precise research methods, Economics focuses on supply and demand, how goods are exchanged, and how to keep supply and demand at equilibrium. A degree in Economics may be used to secure jobs in most financial settings.

Biology is a very popular major and degree, in that students are not constrained to working in a single field. Career options for one who holds a BS in Biology includes botanist, ecologist, dietician, technical writer, family planner, forester, pharmaceutical sales person and food scientist. A Bachelor’s degree in Finance allows graduates to begin a career within the finance industry. This degree is well-liked because graduates are able to market themselves within any segment of the financial industry.

A Bachelor of Business Administration is common in institutions across the United States, and students may pursue their career in many different areas. Some programs allow the flexibility of being able to specialize in a certain area. A degree in Political Science is valued in federal, state and local governments. Other areas include law, international organizations, campaign management & polling, journalism and many other professions.

A degree in Marketing increases marketability. Possible career paths includes e-commerce, professional selling, marketing analysis, advertising, supply chain management, marketing research and other customer service related careers. One out every five CEOs or Presidents are said to hold this degree. History is a degree in Liberal Arts, which in turn allows the flexibility of choosing from many possible career paths. A degree in History is loved for its flexibility; career paths include working as an archivist, editor, intelligence agent, researcher and many others.

Human Resources is a popular and ‘still’ growing field. Degree holders may work as employment manager/recruiter, human resource director/manager, compensation and benefits manager, industrial relations officer, training specialists, labor relations manager and many others. Salary will be decided by experience, geographical location and size of the firm. A degree in Healthcare Administration is loved because it allows healthcare workers to advance their careers. Students are taught the principles necessary to properly manage doctors and other administrative workers; it also prepares graduates for entry level administrative positions.

Paralegal Studies is a very popular major because it pays well and is for the lawyers benefit; they are able to take on more cases. A paralegal takes on tasks as assigned by the supervising attorney. The task of a paralegal usually involves preparing documents, keeping track of dates, conducting interviews and all other delegable tasks. Many freelancers are able to use an English degree in multiple areas. Those who hold a Bachelor’s in English do particularly well in technical writing fields. Other career paths include broadcasters, writers, teachers, editors and entertainers.

Sociology is the study of how groups function within a society. Students learn how to gather statistics and apply research methods. Career choices include communications, criminal justice jobs, teaching and many others. Sociology is widely popular because students are taught all the necessary skills necessary to analyze and function effectively within a group/society. Pursing a degree in Education almost guarantees a career in teaching, which is why it is well liked by those who want to teach. A Bachelor’s in Education provides the skills and tools that are necessary to be a successful teacher.

Psychology majors are in a better position to get into the area of social work. A degree in psychology may also be valuable in non-related areas, e.g. medicine, business, advertising or teaching; however Social Work and Human Services is seen as the best fit. A degree in Criminal Justice allows graduates to work in many different fields; these include working as prison officers, probation officers, police officers, immigration officers, and courts officers.

Graphic design is a career path that involves using visual communication methods, e.g. color photography or animation. One who has a bachelor’s in graphic design may work as a graphic designer, multimedia artist or as an advertising executive. Starting salary is about $35,000
Top 20 most popular majors and what they pay.
Listed by Popular Major, Degree Type, and Starting Salary (High to low).

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