Top 20 Pre Law Programs In America

Top 20 Pre Law Programs in America. Listed by the lowest acceptance rates, with the lowest being the best. Listed by School Name, Degree, Average Tuition, Average Room and Board And Acceptance Rate.


Top 20 Pre Laws Programs In America

School Name
Name of Degree
Average Tuition
Avg Room and Board
Acceptance Rate
Victory University
Pre Law Studies
Palm Beach Atlantic University
Pre Law
CUNY City College
Pre Law
Instate $4,830
Outstate $10,440
Hardin-Simmons University – Abilene
Legal Studies
University of South Carolina-Beaufort
Pre Law and History
In-state $7,604
Out-state 16,186
Barry University
Pre Law -Legal Studies
Webber International University
Pre Law
Concordia University-Saint Paul
Pre Law Studies
Schreiner University
Political Science: Pre Law Track
Coe College
Pre Law
Utah State University
Law and Constitutional Studies
Instate $4,418
Outstate $8,911
University of Maryland –Baltimore County
Pre law
In-state $9171
Out- state $19,108
Bridgewater State College
Political Science Major– Legal Studies concentration
West Texas A&M University
Legal Studies
DeSales University
-Law & Society -History Pre Law Track
Hamline University
Legal Studies
Creighton University
Political Science: Legal Studies
Corban College
Pre Law
Bowling Green–State University—Bowling Green
Pre Law
Clearwater Christian College
Pre Law

Victory University offers a pre law program that furnishes students with analysis, oral and communication skills; it further equips students with the fundamental skills necessary for legal writing.


Palm Beach Atlantic University offers a comprehensive Pre Law program, the first semester includes courses like Humanities I and exploring the bible. Semester 2 , 3 and 4 emphasizes debate, persuasion and public speaking. All college majors may be used to gain admission into law school; nevertheless, CUNY City College emphasizes the skills that are most relevant to being successful at the study of law. Students are able to sharpen their analytical skills through the study of Philosophy, History, Politics and Economics.


Hardin-Simmons University – Abilene offers a legal studies program that allows the student a legal education from a professional and non professional vantage point. Students are free to choose electives that suit their career path. University of South Carolina-Beaufort offers a bachelor’s degree in Pre Law and History. The requirements of an undergraduate degree are combined with courses in Logic, Political Science and Legal History, thus giving the student more choices in electives than any degree.


Barry University offers two undergraduate law degrees, one in Legal Studies and the other in Pre Law. The pre law department works in conjunction with the History and Political Science departments to  help students develop  the qualities needed to be a good law student. Webber International University offers a Pre-Law program that gives the student a well rounded approach to law school. It includes a concentration in business core courses, and courses that address the sociological and political aspect of society. This major also provides an LSAT preparation course during the senior year. Concordia University allows students to combine their pre law program with any of the many available liberal art majors. Faculty and staff also work closely with pre law students so as to help with law school related issues and questions. Schreiner University offers a degree in Political Science with concentrations in Pre Law. Courses include Legal Environment of Business, Business Organization & Legal Instruments, The Judicial Process, Congress and the Legislative Process and Philosophy of Law. These courses expose students to an atmosphere that is only common to a law school.


Coe College has a liberal arts program that allows students to craft their major and explore a diversity of courses. The program has lead to admissions in numerous universities; many of these include Boston University, Harvard University and Cornell University. Utah State University offers a Pre-Law program, namely; Law and Constitutional Studies. Degrees may be awarded as a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts. When awarded as a BA, it denotes that student is fluent in one or two languages. When awarded as a science degree it signifies that the student has completed the rigorous coursework.


University of Maryland –Baltimore County has a program that allows students to intern in courts, law firms and other legal settings. These internships are taken for credit and they provide a first hand experience of the legal process and profession. A Political Science major at Bridgewater State College may choose a concentration in Legal Studies. This program was designed for students considering law related careers. Upon completion, students may choose to work as a paralegal or further their education through the study of law.


West Texas A&M University administers a legal studies program through its Political Science and Criminal justice department. Students that meet with both departments will be able to tailor courses from both schools to suit their career path. DeSales University offers two distinct programs for students hoping to pursue a career in law. One program is the History Pre-Law Track which educates students on the earliest forms of law and how it evolved into what we have to day. The second program is Law & Society, it uses a multidisciplinary approach to develop the skills required for the study of law.


Hamline University is known for its top-notch legal studies program, it recognizes that the legal profession requires one who is independent and diligent, so professors work to sharpen these skills. The Legal Studies Department offers courses to Pre Law students and other majors who are interested in the law. Creighton University maintains a Political Science degree with a specialization in Legal Studies. It provides an education in political science whilst informing students the role of law and government. Students not interested in law may pursue careers in dispute resolution, court administration, or legal system administration.


Corban College runs a pre law program that is considered a social science major. It emphasizes the skills required by the legal profession. This degree may also be used in other legal and non legal professions. Bowling Green offers a Pre Law track that assist students in honing the skills desired by law schools, as well as the profession. This program helps the student thorough courses, and involvement with alumni currently practicing law.


Clearwater Christian College offers a Legal Program that helps students  to develop the skills sought by the legal profession. Skills include online legal research, advanced communication skills, and independent thinking.

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