University of California – Berkeley

University of California -Berkeley is one of the most prominent universities of the country.
The leaders involved in the establishment of the 31st state are responsible for the foundation of this university. It was charged with both classical and practical means of transferring education.
No wonder the university now has a distinguished team of faculty members. It was their work that the university has the honor of twenty Noble laureates, a research library ,and above 350 academic programs.
The University offers these programs through its 14 colleges which are further divided into departments.
The scholars from this University wear the crown of some groundbreaking inventions and discoveries. It was right here at the University of California that vitamin E was discovered, the flu virus was identified and various other researches to study human nutritional requirements were done. Not to forget the technologies invented to make faster computer chips.
Recognizing these developments, University of California has earned respect and is constantly ranked among the top universities. The university was established in 1868 at Berkeley.
A team of fulltime 1,582 along with 500 part time members serves around 130 disciplines. Some of the most popular majors offered in the University are Electrical engineering, political science, Computer science, Cell and Molecular biology, environmental science, economics and the list goes on.
The main campus of the University of California is spread across 1,232 acres with the central core comprising of 178 acres. Life at the main campus is filled with thrill, excitement and a lot of recreational facilities. The graduate or undergraduate students can be a part of club sports or intercollegiate sports.
University of California – Berkeley
University of California Berkeley is also active in entertainment activities like art, films and music. 
Main Programs:
Listed below are the major, minor and other degree programs for undergraduates available at University of California.
• Aerospace Studies
• African American Studies
• Agricultural and Resource Economics
• Air Force
• American Cultures
• American Studies
• Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology
• Anthropology
• Applied Science and Technology Graduate Group
• Architecture
• Army
• Art History
• Art Practice
• Arts & Humanities, College of Letters & Science Division
• Asian American Studies
• Asian Studies
• Astronomy
• Biochemistry, Comparative
• Bioengineering
• Biological Sciences, College of Letters and Science Division of
• Biology, Integrative
• Biology, Molecular and Cell
• Biology, Plant and Microbial
• Biophysics
• Biostatistics
• Buddhist Studies
• Business
• Celtic Studies
• Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
• Chemistry, College of
• Chemistry, Department of
• Chemistry, Agricultural and Environmental
• Chicano Studies
• City and Regional Planning
• Civil and Environmental Engineering
• Classics
• Cognitive Science
• College Writing Programs
• Communications, Mass
• Comparative Biochemistry
• Comparative Literature
• Computer Science
• Computational and Genomic Biology Graduate Program
• Conservation Resource Studies
• Continuing Education (UC Berkeley Extension)
• Creative Writing
• Dance
• Demography
• Development Studies
• Disability Studies
• Dramatic Art
• Dutch Studies
• Earth and Planetary Science
• East Asian Languages & Cultures
• East Asian Studies
• Economics
• Economics, Agricultural and Resource
• Economics, Law &
• Education, Graduate School of
• Endocrinology
• Energy and Resources Group
• Engineering, Chemical
• Engineering Science
• English
• Environmental Design, College of
• Environmental Economics and Policy
• Environmental Health Sciences
• Environmental Planning, Landscape Architecture and
• Environmental Science, Policy, and Management
• Environmental Sciences
• Environmental Sciences, College of Natural Resources
• Epidemiology
• Ethnic Studies
• Film Studies
• Folklore
• Forestry and Natural Resources
• Forestry, Center for
• French
• Gender and Women`s Studies
• Genetics and Plant Biology
• Geography
• Geology & Geophysics
• German
Fee Structure
The tuition fee structure depends on the program a student is getting enrolled in. the University of California also offers financial aid of some sort to around 65% of the undergraduate students. However, the student in question must meet the eligibility criteria. To date, the university has granted 33 million in scholarships to some 5700 students.

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