University of Pennsylvania

Founded in 1740 by Benjamin Franklin, the University of Pennsylvania is a private school of higher learning and research and a member of the prestigious Ivy League athletic conference. 

Penn was the first college in America to follow the European model of housing multiple disciplines such as the classics and medicine in one institution.  Benjamin Franklin wanted the university to offer practical education for commerce and public service in addition to the norm of the day, the classics and theology. 

Today, Penn State is one of the most selective universities in the country and it has a wide range of academic departments, community outreach and public service programs, and an extensive research facility.  

The school today is located just across the Schuylkill River from down Philadelphia, PA, in an area known now as University City after spending its first century in downtown Philadelphia. 

It is one of the oldest institutes of higher learning in America and it can lay claim to being the first university on the country.  Penn is also home to the first medical school in the country as well as the first institution to offer graduate in addition to undergraduate courses. 

University of Pennsylvania has a diverse student body that numbers over 10,000 with students from every state in the union and every corner of the globe.  It consistently ranks as one of the top 10 universities in the country and Penn’s grad schools and professional schools are leaders in their respective fields. 

The Wharton School of Business is ranked as one of the top 3 business schools in the nation on a consistent basis and the School of Nursing is known as the best in the nation.  This is also home to interdisciplinary institutes such as the Management and Technology Program and the Institute for Medicine and Engineering.  Penn law school is also well known for its excellent law program.

The university is known for its beautiful lush campus.  With green lawns and a number of landmark architectural sites, the campus is central to student life, athletics, academics, and the unique cultural life of the region. 

Its home city of Philadelphia is rich in history with many landmarks pertaining to the founding of the nation such as independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, among its many historical sites pertaining to the Revolutionary War.

The University of Pennsylvania Quakers participate in a number NCAA men`s and women`s sports.  The basketball team at Penn is an annual contender for the Ivy league title and have advanced as far as the NCAA semifinals.  The Quakers also field teams in wrestling, tennis, football, lacrosse, rowing, swimming, and soccer to name just a few.  Penn also has a popular intramural sports organization as well as a thriving Greek community.  So there`s something for anyone and everyone here to participate in. 

With its traditions rooted in a historic past, Penn is uniquely positioned to lead the way into the future. 

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