Vanderbilt University

 Vanderbilt University was established in 1873 from the contribution of a visionary Cornelius Vanderbilt. He donated $ 1 million for this university at that time.


Vanderbilt University


Vanderbilt is ranked in the top most universities of the nation. Now this university is an internationally recognized research facility.

Living the dream of its mentor, the university maintains some strong ties with its neighboring institutions and the community.

Vanderbilt is currently offering various graduate and undergraduate programs. The fields of specialization include music, engineering, liberal arts, sciences and education. The ongoing research being conducted in the university solves complex questions pertaining to our health, society and culture.
Listed below are the divisions through which Vanderbilt University operates. 
• College of Arts and Science
• Blair School of Music
• Divinity School
• School of Engineering
• Graduate School
• Law School
• School of Medicine
• School of Nursing
• Owen School of Management
• Peabody College
The main campus of Vanderbilt University is located in Nashville, Tennessee. Vanderbilt is basically a private university and a medical center that offers complete facilitation for its graduate and undergraduate students.
Vanderbilt University
Main Programs:
Vanderbilt University offers undergraduate programs in major and minor fields of study. 
• Accountancy
• African-American and Diaspora Studies
• American Studies
• Anthropology
• Art
• Asian Studies
• Astronomy
• Audiology
• Biochemistry
• Biological Sciences
• Biomedical Engineering
• Biomedical Informatics
• Business Administration
• Cancer Biology
• Cell and Developmental Biology
• Cellular and Molecular Pathology
• Chemical and Bimolecular Engineering
• Chemical and Physical Biology
• Chemistry
• Child Studies
• Classics
• Clinical Investigation
• Cognitive Studies
• Communication of Science and Technology
• Communication Studies
• Community Development and Action
• Community Research and Action
• Computer Engineering
• Computer Science
• Deaf Education
• Divinity
• Early Childhood Education
• Earth and Environmental Sciences
• Ecology, Evolution and Organismal Biology
• Economic Development
• Educational Policy
• Electronical Engineering
• Engineering Science
• English
• Epidemiology
• European Studies
• Executive Business Administration
• Film Studies
• Finance
• French
• Health Care
• Hearing and Speech Sciences
• History
• History of Arts
• Human Development and Counseling
• Human Genetics
• Human Resource Development
• Jewish Studies
• Laboratory Investigation
• Latin American Studies
• Law
• Law and Economics
• Leadership and Policy Studies
• Learning and Instruction
• Mathematics
• Mechanical Engineering
• Medical Physics
• Medicine
• Medical Scientist Training
• Molecular and Cellular Biology
• Molecular Physiology and Biophysics
• Medicine, Health and Society
• Nursing
• Philosophy
• Physics
• Sociology
Fee Structure
Tuition fee varies and is set on annual basis by Vanderbilt University itself. Those students who have completed their hours and now continuing research have to pay at least $200 charge per semester. For the fall semester, the payment of registration fee is due in August. As for the spring semester, the billing month for tuition fee is January.

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