Why Choose Umass Online?

The University of Massachusetts is one of the most famous and prestigious universities of the world. The alumni of the University of Massachusetts include people who are celebrated and revered in their fields. Studying at the University of Massachusetts is the dream for any student looking to obtain his/her degree.


To widen its access to more and more students, the University of Massachusetts launched an online campus, known as Umass Online. Before the advent of the internet, the University of Massachusetts was involved in distance education through direct mail.

Umass Online is given the same recognition attached to any of the physical campuses of the University of Massachusetts. Online learning is a growing trend and Umass Online embodies it, helping you to obtain your degree online, sitting at home and that too from the University of Massachusetts.

Here are a few reasons why Umass Online is a good choice for you.

• Reputation

The name of the University of Massachusetts holds tremendous respect. Getting your degree from Umass Online will give you the extra credibility afforded to prestigious academic institutions. This will lend you a better chance of overcoming competition in the already crowded job market. Having a degree from Umass Online will open up the doors of lucrative employment opportunities for you.

• Accreditation

A degree from an accredited university holds some value. If the university is not accredited, the degree is a mere piece of paper. Umass Online holds the accreditation provided to the University of Massachusetts. The physical campuses and online portal are considered the same in stature, so you won’t have to fear that Umass Online will not have the same accreditation as the physical campus.

• Cost

Umass Online claims to be affordable and also offer the best value for your money spent. The prices do vary according to programs, but overall, the cost is competitive. Take up any online university program and the difference in tuition fee will not be very much. If you cannot afford to pay the fees, financial aid programs are available, including the grants and scholarships provided by the government. Military personnel are also given special discounts at Umass Online.

• Academics

The teaching staff and quality of education at Umass Online is highly regarded as being one of the best in the world. The online programs are the same as the traditional ones. The only difference is that you are not in the classroom. Umass Online will not only teach you the subjects you choose, but also teach you how to succeed in life at every level.

• Flexibility

The reason online learning is becoming so popular is the flexibility it provides when compared to conventional learning. Umass Online lets you take classes when you want and study at your own pace. You will be in complete control of your education at Umass Online.

Getting a degree sitting at home is now very easy through online learning. If you think this is the option for you, then choose Umass Online!

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