5 Reasons Why Public Schools Can Be the Right Choice for Your Children

There’s a raging debate between private schools and public schools about which one is better for children. One offers high quality education at an equally high price tag while the other offers good education, not up to the mark of the other, for free. So the choice is complicated.


For someone who has limited money and has a hard time putting food on the table for his family, the decision is clear. For someone who has deep pockets, again the choice is clear.

But the problem resides in the minds of the people who fall in the middle of the two extremes.

There is a stigma attached to public schools that is only growing. However, the facts paint a different picture.

Here are 5 reasons why you should send your children to public schools:


Public schools are free. At least you don’t have to pay a tuition fee upfront but you will contribute to them through the taxes you pay. Since you are paying for public schools anyway, why not send your children there to study. The hefty amount you would lay down for a private school can be saved and you can send your child to college with it. This means that you can get a high school and college education for your child for the price of one. There are no free lunches in this world, but this comes pretty close.


There are public schools in every locality. This means that your child can go to school with his/her neighborhood friends. This can be a great motivator for your child to attend regularly to school if he/she has friends to go with. In case he/she is unable to make new friends at school, he/she has old friends to rely on.


Like mentioned above, it won’t be too difficult to find public schools near your house which will decrease the distance your child has to travel every morning. Public schools also have school buses which provide pick-up and drop-off for the children, complementary.

Private schools do try to be diversified but remain more or less standardized. Public schools offer a real-world environment which is an ideal preparation for your child’s future life. Your child will be better prepared to face life.


Public schools are run by the government using the taxpayers’ money. Since every citizen of the country contributes to it, however little that might be, public schools accept anyone who wants an education. This is very important for those who are under-privileged or disabled as there is little chance that they will get acceptance in private schools. The students in public schools also learn about acceptance and this is a great moral value for your child to learn.

Employers nowadays demand at least a high school diploma for even the most basic blue-collar jobs. You can give your children an education through public schools. Don’t let your child’s future be compromised just because you don’t have the money.


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