Online high schools are becoming increasingly popular. Up until just recently, a student had to do copious research on high schools regarding the cost, distance and quality of learning. This trend is being upended by the technology-based online high schools.


Public or private school remains a conundrum faced by parents for many years now. There has been much written and said about the poor state in which the public schooling system is and the costs of private schools have come under equally scathing criticism.

Catholic schools are renowned for the excellent quality of education they provide to their students. The term Catholic schools may sound cliquish, but Catholic schools are open to diversity in culture and faith like all regular schools. Catholic schools do not reject anyone on the basis of religion or race, and base their judgments solely [...]

Though parents are still hesitant about the concept of home school, but the fact is that home schooling has become popular over time. The child can be taught at home instead of a traditional institution.



The methods of teaching for home school are [...]

There’s a raging debate between private schools and public schools about which one is better for children. One offers high quality education at an equally high price tag while the other offers good education, not up to the mark of the other, for free. So the choice is complicated.

Choosing the right school for your child’s education is one of the most challenging decisions you will have to make. One bad decision and the whole house of cards will collapse. Where the child goes to school will have a profound effect on his life. This makes the decision all the more important and you [...]

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