The Benefits of Private Elementary Schools

Public or private school remains a conundrum faced by parents for many years now. There has been much written and said about the poor state in which the public schooling system is and the costs of private schools have come under equally scathing criticism.

When looking for elementary schools, the better option is to go for private schools. This is because the elementary schools are the foundation of the educational structure. A good education at the very basic level will help your child in the long run.

Here are the benefits of private elementary schools:

Smaller Classes

The student to teacher ratio in private elementary schools is ideal for a child’s education. With no more than 20 students in the classroom, there is a better chance that the teacher will be able to concentrate on each individual child. Imagine having your child in a class with 50 other students.

Private elementary schools allow the teachers to focus on the child and sort out his problems.

This is a reciprocal event and the increased interaction with the teachers will help your child to develop the confidence to ask the teachers anything that he does not understand.


Private elementary schools put a lot of emphasis on discipline. This is reflected in the low number of disciplinary issues among private elementary school students as compared to those in public schools.

The policies relating to discipline are strictly adhered to in the private elementary schools and if any problem occurs, it is taken care of promptly.


The teachers in private elementary schools are paid handsome wages for their services. There is no greater motivation than to reap the rewards of your efforts and the teachers put their best efforts into their jobs.

The private elementary schools also take good care of checking the credentials and background of each teacher before hiring so that the students are safe from any frauds or impostors.


Since you will be paying big bucks to the private elementary school for your child’s education, the school gets a lot of money through its tuition fee. This allows the private schools to concentrate on other programs apart from the academics such as outdoor activities for the students. Your child can go to different places with the school like the zoo. This ensures that your money is well-spent and you are getting value for it.

Extra-curricular Activities

The scope for extra-curricular activities is much greater in private elementary schools. As mentioned above, private schools have more funds and they use them to provide facilities for the children. The sports and arts activities are provided at the private elementary schools and your child can develop additional skills apart from his education.

There is music and drama events at several private schools, so it means that your child is not only being educated, but also being exposed to the various art forms.

There are many benefits that your child can enjoy from private elementary schools. Keep these in mind when making your decision.

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