Private Schools The Benefits

Choosing the right school for your child’s education is one of the most challenging decisions you will have to make. One bad decision and the whole house of cards will collapse. Where the child goes to school will have a profound effect on his life. This makes the decision all the more important and you have to get this one right.


The public school system is in shambles right now. Much has been said about the poor quality of education and the low salaries of the teachers. All of that is true, no doubt, and that bodes a rather gloomy picture for your child’s future. The best choice for schooling nowadays are the private schools.

You will have to pay a lot of money and your child will have to wear a uniform to school everyday, but in terms of quality of education, private schools are miles ahead of public schools.


Here are the key benefits of private schools:

Student-Teacher Interaction

The lack of funding for the public schools has forced the schools to have large classes with dozens of students, which does not allow the teacher to focus on each child on an individual level. In private schools, the classes comprise of a smaller number of students which allows a better student-teacher interaction.

This gives the teacher an opportunity to address all the queries a student might have, so that he grasps what is being taught better. The individual attention gives the teacher a chance to identify and work on each student’s weakness.


You may not realize but implementing uniforms in private schools holds a number of benefits for you. For one, you get to save the cost of having to buy clothes for your child to wear to school every day. Of course, with a limited budget and a limited wardrobe, your child won’t be able to look good at school everyday.

Since you will already be paying a hefty tuition fee, this is a blessing for you to save money some way. The other thing is that the uniforms eliminate the class differentials. Since the richest kid and the poorest kid in school will be wearing the same clothes, there will be no inferiority complex or any other such issues.

Better Facilities

You will be paying a lot of money to put your kid through private school. The money you pay will not only cover the tuition fee but the school will then be able to provide better facilities and extracurricular activities for your child. This includes state-of-the-art computer labs which help your child become computer-literate.

There are better sporting facilities being offered that allow the children to be involved in sporting activities. This is beneficial for their health and they can also polish their sporting talents.


Remember, colleges award scholarships based on sporting merit, so if your child is good at any sport, encourage him to go full-fledged for it. Private schools can provide your child with an overall healthier environment to study in.

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